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Seers[1] are small, jellyfish-like Creatures of Grimm that can float in the air and are used by Salem to transmit messages. They first appear in "Of Runaways and Stowaways".


Seers have small, spherical bodies that are covered with bone-like plates, along with red tentacles ending in white, bony spikes and a single eye.


A Seer is seen in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" entering Salem's meeting hall and informing her of the current situation at Beacon Academy. Salem instructs it to reinforce the academy's Grimm population.

Two Seers appear in "Dread in the Air" and are used to allow Leonardo Lionheart and Arthur Watts to communicate with Salem and Cinder Fall and report to them regarding the location of the Spring Maiden.

Salem confronts Lionheart using a Seer when he tries to escape in "Haven's Fate". He attempts to attack it but is disarmed. After he begs for mercy, the Seer disarms him again after he attempts to retrieve his weapon before dragging him toward it and killing him.

In "Gravity", Salem manifests herself through a Seer to confront James Ironwood.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Seers can float in the air and appear to be able to keep tabs on the other Grimm and, through them, act as a scout for Salem. They also have 360-degree vision with distorted colors that is shown as a fishbowl effect when seen from their perspective.

Two Seers can be used to allow long-distance communication between two parties, live depiction of the participants being able to be shown to the others via a red smoke-like substance that manifests in the head of the Grimm. In addition, this method of connection between two Seers can allow Salem to directly manipulate the actions of the distant Seer. Additionally, they can use the smoke-like substance to manifest an apparition, although doing so requires cracking its crystal-like head, thus killing it.

Their tentacles are stretchable, very powerful and prehensile. The barbs of their tentacles can be used as sharp weapons to kill.


  • A seer is someone with supernatural insight and who can see the future. The Seer Grimm serves as Salem's eyes over the other Grimm. This is also referenced in the Grimm's resemblance to a mystical crystal ball.
  • The clicking sound the Seer makes was originally done as part of an audition by William Orendorff during Volume 1 for the Death Stalker.[2]
  • The inspiration for the Seer was a "horrifying and somewhat sentient" crystal ball.[3]


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