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Seers[1] are small, jellyfish-like Creatures of Grimm created by Salem that can float in the air and are used to transmit messages. They first appeared in "Of Runaways and Stowaways".


Seers have small, black spherical bodies resembling a smoky crystal ball that is covered with bone-like plates and spikes. They have six long red tentacles they use to interact with their environment or attack. They somewhat resemble jellyfish.

There appear to be two variations: the Seers used by Salem in "Of Runaways and Stowaways", which feature white barbs on the ends of their tentacles, and the one carried by Arthur Watts in "Gravity", which had no barbs.

Each variation is shown to have concept art, however there is no distinction between their names. It would appear the barbed version of the Seer is larger than the barbless version.


A Seer is seen in "Of Runaways and Stowaways" entering Salem's meeting hall and informing her of the current situation at Beacon Academy. Salem instructs it to reinforce the academy's Grimm population.

Two Seers appear in "Dread in the Air" and are used to allow Leonardo Lionheart and Arthur Watts to communicate with Salem and Cinder Fall and report to them regarding the location of the Spring Maiden.

Salem confronts Lionheart using a Seer when he tries to escape in "Haven's Fate". He attempts to attack it but is disarmed. After he begs for mercy, the Seer disarms him again after he attempts to retrieve his weapon before dragging him toward itself and killing him.

In "Gravity", Salem manifests herself through a Seer to confront James Ironwood.

In "War", a Seer is seen traveling down the hallways of Monstra, presumably to detect any movement within. When it comes upon Emerald Sustrai, she uses her Semblance to evade detection.

When Yang's Group infiltrated Monstra, they attempted to avoid the Seers patrolling the hallways but were eventually discovered.

Powers and Abilities

Seers can float in the air and appear to be able to keep tabs on the other Grimm and, through them, act as a scout for Salem. They also have 360-degree vision with distorted colors that is shown as a fishbowl effect when seen from their perspective.

Two Seers can be used to allow long-distance communication between two parties, with live depiction of the participants being able to be shown to the others via a red smoke that manifests in the head of the Grimm. In addition, this method of connection between two Seers can allow Salem to directly manipulate the actions of the distant Seer. Additionally, they can use the red smoke to manifest an apparition, although doing so requires cracking its crystal-like head, thus killing it.

Their tentacles are stretchable, very powerful and prehensile. The barbs of their tentacles can be used as sharp weapons.

Seers are typically used as communication tools for Salem and her agents, staying stationary in rooms or slowly moving when called, but some floated in Monstra's hallways as surveillance.

Much of the Seer's power is unknown to the population at large, as specimens retrieved by researchers are always broken. As a result, many aren't even sure if it is a creature or an object.[2]


  • A seer is someone with supernatural insight and who can see the future. The Seer Grimm serves as Salem's eyes over the other Grimm. This is also referenced in the Grimm's resemblance to a mystical crystal ball.
  • The clicking sound the Seer makes was originally done as part of an audition by William Orendorff during Volume 1 for the Death Stalker.[3]
  • The inspiration for the Seer was a "horrifying and somewhat sentient" crystal ball.[4]
  • RWBY: Amity Arena Bio:
    • The Seer is an incredibly strange Grimm, and as such we do not have much information on it. We're actually not even sure if it is a creature or an object. As such, we have included this Grimm in Amity Arena with what we THINK it is capable of, rather than what it CAN do. A floating crystal ball with tentacles must be able to control people... right? Well, we'll never know since the specimens we retrieve are always broken.[5]
    • Curiously, having had its development delayed, the Seer unit was not fully released before the game's closure.


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