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The Schnee Manor[1] was located in the Kingdom of Atlas and was first seen at the end of "The Next Step". It was the home of Jacques Schnee, the President of the Schnee Dust Company, and his family. Later, the manor is attacked by Grimm and destroyed when Atlas falls into Mantle and both cities are flooded.


For the most part, the Schnee Manor's interior was white with blue and gray accents, with the frequent use of columns and arches in the architecture. Most rooms and hallways had white or pale blue walls, a gray ceiling and a white reflective tile floor.

According to Atlas concept art Schnee Manor was situated somewhat removed from the main city of Atlas on top of a rocky hill, making it the highest buildings in Atlas alongside Atlas Academy.


Driveway and Entrance

Cars arriving at Schnee Manor

Schnee manor had a long driveway with three pillars holding up the Schnee Family crest.


An aerial view of the courtyard

The courtyard behind the manor was surrounded by archways, with a large fountain at the end. The fountain had the Schnee emblem on it with wings around it. It had two gardens with small hedges with the stone ground having flower symbols engraved in them. The view from this location showed the manor to be at least three stories tall, possibly more.


The Generator's shed

The back of the manor had a small park with flower gardens leading to the Manor's private generator. Outside the main building at the back edge of the garden, the Schnee Manor complex had its own auxiliary dust power generator that could produce power for the manor during emergencies. This was thanks to the SDC executive perks afforded to Jacques due to his status as a member of its Board.

Garden & Menagerie

Willow's garden and menagerie

First mentioned in "Remembrance", Willow was shown to have a garden where she kept to herself in RWBY 5. In the garden, a large menagerie of animals could be seen caged around her, including bears, exotic birds, and tigers.


Main Stairway

V7 08 00012.png

The courtyard led directly to the main entrance hall with a large stairway that led to the rest of the house. A wide stairway with curved balconies on both sides allowed passage to the ground floor. At the top of this stairway was a paned triptych of arched windows, and on both sides of the stairway stood enormous white suits of armor designed after the Schnee family patriarch Nicholas Schnee. The floor at the bottom of the steps beared a large, blue, circular pattern decorated with the Schnee snowflake emblem in various places. The ceiling of this room beared the same blue, circular pattern.

Jacques' Study

V7 04 00103.png

The interior of Jacques' study was vastly different in appearance from the rest of the household. The floor was dark wood, rather than tile, and the blue beads hanging from the black sconces were crystal-shaped, rather than teardrop. The side walls were lined with wooden bookshelves.

The front wall, where the entrance was, was covered in blue wallpaper patterned with the same symbol found above the study's door in the hallway. This wallpaper was also found in the top border of the wooden back wall, near the dark brown ceiling. The symbol could also be found along the bottoms of the windows just under the ceiling along the side walls, as well as in a pattern on the light blue rug that ran the length of the room.

The bookshelves were decorated with framed maps, a framed portrait of Weiss (Though in "Pomp and Circumstance," the portrait was turned to face the wall, most likely by Jacques after Weiss's open defiance towards him.), dark gray bookends shaped like wolf heads with light blue crystals for the eyes, various awards, and a round gray clock. There was a ladder leaned up against the left shelves. In the middle of the room was an ovular glass coffee table with a chess board resting on it. On one side of the coffee table was a black couch, and on the other side was a pair of black armchairs, one of which had a black footrest in front of it. Near the couch was a tall metal lamp with dangling strings of light blue circles, in varying lengths, acting as the lampshade. Hanging above this sitting area was a chandelier made up of three tiers of metal rings, shrinking in size with each lower tier. Each ring had dangling strings of light blue circles, and hanging from the middle of the lowest ring were four light blue prisms.

The back end of the study was raised slightly above the rest, with three small steps leading up to it. Here, Jacques' desk could be found. Atop this desk was a small lamp of the same style as the one near the couch, a mat for the papers he wrote on, a pen holder, a couple of books and a single framed photograph of Whitley. Behind the desk was a portrait of Jacques from his younger years, when his hair was black and his mustache was thinner. Behind him, in the portrait, was the symbol from above his study's door. On either side of this portrait were landscape paintings that exclusively used varying shades of blue. Beneath the portraits was a shelf with books and a stack of paper. The seat behind the desk was a black office chair.

Weiss' Room

V8 07 00047.png

Weiss' room, much like the rest of the house, had white walls and a white reflective tile floor. The white ceiling formed an arch, and a little over midway up the walls was a thick blue border with gold edges. In a few places around the room were arch-shaped bookshelves attached to the walls. The room had gold sconces with blue teardrop beads hanging from them.

The entrance area was three steps lower than the rest of the room and had a pair of white armchairs with gold frames next to a glass coffee table with a gold frame. On the floor beneath this furniture set was an ornate off-white rug with borders of varying thicknesses in a pattern of gold, white, gold, blue, gold. Nearby was a fireplace, above which hangs a mirror with gold curved, leafy designs on the black frame. Hanging to the left of the door wass a thick blue curtain pulled to the side by a lighter blue tie.

In the back of the room was an enormous window with equally tall, thick blue curtains pulled aside by lighter blue ties. Next to the window was a simple white desk, to the right of which hung a portrait of a suit of armor that resembled the one from the "White" Trailer.

The sleeping area, after Weiss makes a mess of it

On the opposite side from the fireplace was the sleeping area. The king size four poster canopy bed sat perpendicular to the wall and was dressed with white fitted sheets and a light blue blanket with a pattern of rhombus shapes and black dots. At the head of the bed were three large, white pillows and one small, circular, light blue pillow. The bed frame was pale blue with curved, leafy, silver decoration with an apple shape at the top on the footboard and the top of the headboard. The headboard had the same light blue rhombus-and-black-dots pattern as the blanket in its middle portion.

At the foot of the bed sat a glass bench, the length of which matched the bed's width. To the left of the bed was a pale blue vanity that had a large, ovular mirror and two drawers with gold handles. On the floor, in front of it, was a small, off-white rug with white, ornate designs. Nearby was a small, circular stool with a golden metal frame and a light blue cushion. In the far corner on this side of the room was a gold conductor's stand.

Willow's Room

Willow's Room

Willow's private room was shown to be a large and wide area easily larger than the bedroom of her daughters. The Room itself was equipped with its own fireplace, a large couch chair, Willow's personal dresser and a mirror. The Room also contained several of Willow's personal belongings, including a classic piano set and the portraits of all three of her children.

There was another door next to the large double door entrance of Willow's room, possibly being her closet or bathroom.

Winter's Room

As seen in "Dark", Winter still had her old bedroom within the Manor, albeit its likely unused with her having moved out and separated herself from her parents.

Dining Room

V8 11 00022.png

The dining room featured black chairs gathered around a table covered in a large white table cloth. The chairs were upholstered with blue fabric decorated in a repeated pattern of the symbol above the door to Jacques' study. In the middle of the table was a large glass vase filled with white lily flowers and foliage. On one side of the room was a wall made up of several open archways, with a second-floor walkway overlooking the dining area. The upper walkway's arches had sheer curtains hanging in them, and visible through these curtains was another room that had a crystal chandelier hanging from its ceiling.


A full view of the library

On the first floor of the manor was a two story library. Bookshelves set into alcoves line the walls of the room on both levels, and the center of the first floor was set with multiple lounges, chairs and low tables. A large rug covered the ground, and a multi-tiered chandelier hung in the center of the room. There were a few pillars holding up the walkway for the second story with wall candles on each and more in each corner of the room on both floors. A large staircase curved from the upper floor to the center of the ground floor.

Behind the last bookshelf on the left side of the room was a secret passage leading to a descending staircase.


V8 mid-season official trailer 00018.png

The large building required a number of long hallways. Decorating one long hallway were nature paintings that exclusively use white, gray, and pale blue colors. Running the length of each hallway was a long blue rug with white floral designs, and along the walls were occasional black armchairs and glass coffee tables with metal frames.

Lining the walls of every room and hallway were black sconces with pale blue teardrop beads hanging from them, topped with white candles. Across the ceiling of each hallway was a series of chandeliers, each made up of a metal ring with an upside-down semi-transparent dome on the bottom, blue teardrop beads hanging from it, and candles around the edge of the ring surrounding a white cylinder in the center. When lit, the candles on the sconces and chandeliers emitted a white-blue flame.

The hallway that ran alongside the piano room had the entrance to Jacques Schnee's study and bore a portrait of the Schnee family. The portrait appeared to have been made when Weiss Schnee, Winter Schnee and Whitley Schnee were children. Their mother had a stern expression on her face, while their father's expression is neutral. Winter and Weiss were frowning sadly, and Whitley is smiling brightly. In this portrait, Jacques' dark hair is graying. Above the door to Jacques' study was a crest-like design consisting of curving, leafy lines around an eight-pointed starburst shape.

The hallways were lit by candles that were able to be lit remotely.

Other Rooms

The large building featured many other rooms. There was a room with a giant stone statue of a King Taijitu on display, and above said statue hung a crystal chandelier. Along the wall behind the statue was an upper-level walkway with multiple archways acting as entrances to other rooms.

V4 02 00005.png

Another room containing a black piano opened up into a neighboring hallway through a series of archways in the wall. The piano and its bench sat upon an ornate off-white rug, and the piano had a silver decoration that beared an apple at the top center. On one wall was a portrait of Whitley in a black frame.

The border just under the ceiling was a strip of blue wallpaper patterned with designs containing imagery of apples and crowns. On a small black and silver table between a pair of arches sat a vase with small white flowers and a small framed portrait of Winter from her childhood. The hallway's opposite wall was lined with arch-shaped windows that let sunlight flood across the hall and into the room.


The Schnee Manor housed the Schnee Family. It employed many staff including maids and cooks, lots of which were Faunus. The most notable staff member was Klein Sieben, their butler. After Jacques was arrested, the manor staff quit working here.


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  • During Volume 4, the lighting and colors of Weiss' bedroom were cold and unforgiving due to being alone and separated from her friends. When she came with her friends in Volume 8, the fireplace was lit to give it a warmer and homier feeling to the lighting.[2]
  • Two paintings in "Cordially Invited" show concept art of the Schnee Manor and the Atlas Academy Library.
  • Schnee Manor received some updated redesigns between Volume 4 and Volume 7. This was most noticeable is the main stairway. (Volume 4 and Volume 7)
  • In "Fault", there is a brief scene where May Marigold lifts an unconscious Nora Valkyrie up off the ground of the main entrance with the intention of carrying her to Weiss' bedroom on the second floor; however, May walks towards the camera which is to the right of the main entrance and away from the central staircase. Connor Pickens suggests that she may have been heading towards an elevator.[3]


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