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Known as Schnee Dust Company Mine #2[1] during the mission in "Ace Operatives", this abandoned Schnee Dust Company mine was the launch site for the Amity Communications Tower.


Around the entrance to the mine are abandoned and rundown buildings that were part of a Schnee Dust Company factory used to process mined Dust. Based on concept art, the factory was frozen over by the cold climate of Solitas. Near the entrance of the mine was a set of platforms used for airships to land near it.

The interior of the mine was a cave of Ice that consisted of tunnels with Dust veins and a giant cavern with bridges across and Dust crystals in the walls. Parts of the interior were shown to have man-made platforms to mine Dust much easier. Metal Girders were placed in the mine with supports to hold them up and emergency lights on them.

Throughout the mine, there were railways used for minecarts to easily transport mined Dust. There were also signs throughout the cave used for warning miners about exposed Dust, deep mining shafts, and to report any Grimm activity in the mine.

The Dust in the mine was very unstable, causing an accident killing the workers in the past. Marrow Amin stated that if the Dust exploded, it would vaporize everyone in the area. Later when the mine was detonated with bombs, it caused a chain reaction with the Dust and caused a huge explosion with multiple types of Dust.


In the past, the mine was used by the Schnee Dust Company with multiple Faunus workers stationed here. Among these workers were Ilia Amitola's Parents. One day, the mine suffered from an unstable explosion and killed the workers still inside at the time, including Ilia's parents. While this became a major incident for the company, it's CEO Jacques Schnee only cared about the loss of profit from the mine being shut down instead of the workers inside being killed.

Team RWBY was later sent on a mission to the mine where they encountered Centinels and a Geist. The Geist possessed parts of the mine to fight the group. When they tried to fight it in the depths of the mine, it managed to take hold of an unstable piece of Dust that would have destroyed the mine by causing an explosion. Before this could happen however, the Ace Operatives fought and killed the Geist.

Following this, the mine was taken over by the Atlas Military and would become the launch site for Amity Communications Tower. While Amity Colosseum was being transported, Joanna Greenleaf and Fiona Thyme from the Happy Huntresses noticed this and decided to inform Robyn Hill about it. After the mission ended in success, James Ironwood informed the group about the murder of Forest and how someone was trying to frame him for it.

Afterwards, Jacques decided to land near the mine and question Ironwood about taking control of his company's property, eventually threatening to report his actions to the council. However, Ironwood revealed to him that he already had permission to do so and that he didn't require the council's vote.

The destruction of the Mine

As the Amity Project goes underway, the Happy Huntresses become suspicious of the activities there and try to investigate about it. They blockade the route to the mine and Robyn asks the group why Ironwood is sending supplies and some of his best scientists to the colosseum until they are forced to back off by Clover and Penny. Robyn relents, but tells the rest of her group to learn about it no matter what.

The mine was later seen when Arthur Watts flew to Amity in order to sabotage it. However, this was later revealed to be a trap set by Ironwood to capture him.

In "Amity", the mine was destroyed by Penny when multiple bombs were set off within it to launch Amity Tower in the sky. Multiple clouds of Dust increased the power of the explosion and sent it into the atmosphere.


  • It was hinted by Blake that this is the same Dust mine where Ilia Amitola's parents died in.
  • While the mine had signs telling people to report any Grimm activity, it is unknown if the mine ever hired Huntsmen as protection to deal with them.


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