The Schnee Dust Company Freighter[1] was an Atlas cargo airship used by the Schnee Dust Company, which made its first appearance in the episode "Ultimatum" of Volume 8.


The SDC Cargo Ships resembled the Atlesian Airship but with less pronounced and angular features. They had the similar gun shape, but were shorter and more stocky. They had an SDC snowflake on the side and "SDC" written on the nose.

They were weak as they were easily blown up by Manta flying around.

Whitley Schnee, with his Schnee Dust Company access codes was able to remotely activate both the airships and Snow Shoe Shipping drones to pilot them down to Mantle Crater and get people to safety.

The number of ships was described by Whitley Schnee as "hangars filled with rows and rows of cargo ships" and we see more than 20 ships fly down to Mantle in one scene.


SDC Cargo Ships were used to transport Schnee Dust Company cargo, but when James Ironwood initiated the Dust Embargo they were left inactive in the hangars.

During the Atlas War, Whitley Schnee used his access to take control of the ships to send them down to Mantle and evacuate people out of danger. In response General Ironwood started destroying ships in attempt to get Penny Polendina back.

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