Haven Academy

Scarlet is a former student at Haven Academy. Scarlet is said to miss the high amounts of luxury provided by Haven's facility.

Shade Academy

Scarlet is currently a student at Shade Academy. He is shown to be highly protective of Shade despite generally disliking Vacuo, in order to prove himself, and is eager to participate in it.


Scarlet is a member of Team SSSN. During Sun's absence during Volumes 4-5, Scarlet took the helm as a temporary leader to his friends. Despite genuinely liking and enjoying spending time with Neptune Vasilias and Sage Ayana, Scarlet didn't like SSSN as a unit, primarily due to Sun's lack thereof any leadership skills to bring the team together.


Scarlet is a member of Team ROSC, and is shown to be eager to join the team when it is announced.


Sun Wukong

When Sun reveals Blake Belladonna's Faunus identity to Neptune Vasilias, he makes his teammate promise not to tell Scarlet at the first chance he gets, implying a lack of trust towards Scarlet regarding secrets. 

Following the Fall of Beacon, Scarlet's relationship with Sun becomes severely strained, with Scarlet having taken temporary stewardship as the team's leader. He is angered by Sun's abandonment of the team during Volumes 4 and 5, and is the first to loudly make his resentment clear to Sun.

Scarlet also finds Sun to be somewhat narcissistic and self-absorbed, as he puts, "all noble and selfish, both at the same time."

After his time with Team ROSC, Scarlet grows to see that Sun couldn't be a worse leader than Reese Chloris, and decides to reluctantly accept Sun as the leader of Team SSSN.

Sage Ayana

Scarlet and Sage are seen atop an Ursa together in "Battle of Beacon", likely attempting to subdue it.

In RWBY: Before the Dawn, they are shown to have a good relationship. While Scarlet sees Sage as a poor leader, he still genuinely likes Sage and sees him as a friend.

Neptune Vasilias

As Sun asks Neptune not to tell Scarlet his secrets the first chance he gets, it is implied that Neptune and Scarlet have a close relationship.

When Neptune is drafted into Team BYRN, Scarlet notices he seems nervous around a new team, and internally tells Neptune to relax.


Coco Adel

While originally Scarlet thought Coco to be somewhat overrated as a leader, his time with her in the temporary Team ROSC showed him how she had earned her reputation as a great leader, looking up to her in that regard.

Velvet Scarlatina

During the Shade Academy Initiation, Scarlet shows a more playful side with Velvet, jokingly saluting to her as he leaps off an Air Bus into the desert below.


Arslan Altan

Scarlet admires Arslan for her leadership skills, strength, and morality, believing that she deserves more than what she has right now.

Reese Chloris

Scarlet and Reese are shown to have a friendly relationship, with the latter letting him use her weapon without any issues. Scarlet believes Reese not to be an ideal leader, due to her indecisiveness, finding even Sun to be better than she was.


Nolan Porfirio

Nolan catches Scarlet's attention early on in the Beacon Brigade meeting, noticing the boy and feeling sorry for Nolan, who had lost all the members of his team.

Scarlet grew to admire Nolan and how he handled his grief, using this to motivate himself to do better and not repeat the same mistakes he had made at the Battle of Beacon. This interest seemingly grows to an attraction towards Nolan as he grew more confident, in which Sun jokingly notes Team SSSN could become "Team SSSNN." By the end of the novel, the two are at the start of a budding romance, as confirmed by E.C. Myers.[1]


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