I hope I don't get sand in my shoes...
—Scarlet David

Scarlet David[1] is a member of Team SSSN. His weapons of choice are Hook and Darling, a flintlock pistol and a cutlass. Scarlet made a cameo appearance in "Extracurricular" and appeared in earnest in "New Challengers...".


Scarlet has red hair that comes down over his right eye, with a complete undercut. There are several red markings around his left eye. He wears a green, mulberry, navy color feather earring on his left ear and has a red military pelisse-like jacket draped over the left side. He also wears a gray bandanna around his neck.

On his right hand, he wears a fingerless glove, and on his right bicep, he has a gray band. He wears a white sleeveless shirt and light gray pants. He also wears a pair of long, brown, laced boots. Around his waist, he wears a brown belt and a slightly slanted gray belt that his weapon holster is attached to.

Scarlet also speaks with an English accent, befitting of his fairy tale allusion.


Scarlet is said to have a bossy personality with a sharp cunning wit, being able to see through Sun's self-centered personality and habits. When about to battle Team NDGO in the Vytal Festival, he expressed worry about getting sand in his boots, implying him to be somewhat fussy.

Following the Fall of Beacon, Scarlet's demanding nature heightened as he took the role of Team SSSN's leader at Sun's absence, feeling betrayed. He is shown to be blunt, and downtrodden at having to stay in Shade Academy.[2]

Scarlet takes his time at Haven and later Shade more seriously than his teammates, paying close attention to model students such as Coco Adel and Arslan Altan, especially respecting their skills in leadership as opposed to Sun's lack thereof any. He is also shown to be socially aware, deciding to subdue his excitement over the reshuffling of teams when meeting with the Beacon Brigade, who felt miserable from it. This is in part due to equating the strength of his team as a whole to how well the formation of the teams are.

Despite this, Scarlet was genuinely friends with Neptune Vasilias and Sage Ayana appreciating their company, though he has a distaste towards Sun due to his more negative tendencies and habit of leaving SSSN without any warning. However, at the end of RWBY: Before the Dawn, Scarlet comes to somewhat accept Sun as a leader, citing that there could be much worse people to lead SSSN.

Scarlet also grew to admire Nolan Porfirio and how he handled his grief, using to motivate himself to do better and not repeat the same mistakes he had made with the Battle of Beacon. The two of them would eventually go on to begin a romantic relationship, as seen at the end of Before the Dawn.

Powers and Abilities

Scarlet seems to have exceptional dexterity, being narrowly able to avoid being struck by a plethora of falling knives, accidentally dropped by Gwen. As shown in RWBY: Before the Dawn, he is adept at using Reese's Hoverboard without any prior experience training it, and is extremely skilled at fighting Grimm, being able to singlehandedly kill a Death Stalker using only Hook and Darling, an incredible feat.


Main article: Hook and Darling

Scarlet's weapons of choice are Hook and Darling, a cutlass and a flintlock pistol with a grappling hook on the butt. He is quite skilled in swordsmanship, being able to best Nebula Violette in a one-on-one sword fight, as well as marksmanship, as he immobilized Gwen Darcy with a shot from his grappling hook pistol.


Main article: Gliding

Scarlet's Gliding Semblance in action.

Scarlet’s Semblance, Gliding, allows him to maneuver in the air and land with a safe touchdown. Scarlet uses this ability in Team SSSN's match against Team NDGO in the Vytal Festival, in which he's able to safely grab a pole in the arena's environment and balance himself without being knocked out of the ring after being blown into the air by Dew Gayl.



  • Scarlet alludes to Peter Pan, specifically from the sequel novel, Peter in Scarlet. For more information on this allusion, as well as other choices the creators made for this character, see Scarlet David/Behind the Scenes.

Color Naming Rule

  • The color scarlet is a brilliant red color with a tinge of orange.


  • In the Vol. 1: Red Like Roses volume of the RWBY: Official Manga Anthology, Scarlet states that he is not into girls, implying that he is gay. Although the anthology is considered non-canon, it is said that Miles Luna suggested the line to the manga writers, who consider this canon information.[3] However, this has yet to be confirmed by Miles himself. He was later confirmed to be in a budding romance with Nolan Porfirio from Team BRNZ by E.C. Myers. It was also hinted in "New Challengers..." when fans held up posters of Team SSSN, with Scarlet's being held by a man.


  • Scarlet, Sage and Neptune are all known to take design cues from members of the K-pop boy band Big Bang, with Scarlet taking cues from G-Dragon.[4][5][6]


  • Coincidentally, Scarlet's voice actor, Gavin Free, has "David" as his middle name.


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