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Terra Cotta-ArcEdit

Terra is Saphron's wife. She and her wife seems to have a very healthy and balanced marriage. She is very understanding that Terra is rarely at home due to her work.

Adrian Cotta-ArcEdit

Adrian is Saphron's son. She loves and cares for her son deeply.

In "Stealing from the Elderly", she had taught her son how to fake crying so he could distract the guards when they carry Weiss' luggage without realizing Maria Calavera is inside.

Team JNPREdit

Jaune ArcEdit

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Arc sibling bonding

Jaune is Saphron's younger brother. She loves her brother very much and likes to tease him about being the baby brother.

In "Lost, she helps Jaune and his friends to search for Oscar Pine. She suggests to him that he and his friends should attend Haven Academy, get their Huntsmen licenses and return to Argus to stay with them, but he plans to leave Argus.

In "Stealing from a Elderly", she is also willing to help out Jaune and his friends with the plan to steal an airship to Atlas.

Team RWBYEdit

Weiss SchneeEdit

Not much interaction between them, but she is willing to help Weiss and Maria when guards attempt to bring Weiss' luggage to the airship, the guards not realizing Maria is inside the luggage.


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