Screenshots - Volume 6Edit

The Grimm ReaperEdit

Yep! Moved the second I could. Jaune and I are the only two living away from home. I guess he just wanted to be like his big sis.
—Saphron, to everyone about Jaune Arc
Aw, you didn't deny it!
—Saphron, teasing Jaune


You could... stay in Mistral, get your licenses at Haven, and come back to Argus. There's a lot of good you can do here. I know your mission is important, but it's not like you're the only ones who can do it. It's not the only mission that needs doing.
—Saphron, to Jaune

Stealing from the ElderlyEdit

Oh no! Look at that, he's just going to miss you so much! You should hurry on out of here!
—Saphron, to Weiss Schnee

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