We could become the gods of this world. Our powers surpass all others. Our souls transcend death. We can mold these lands into whatever we want, what you want, create the paradise that the old Gods could not.
—Salem, to Ozma on uniting Humanity

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Long ago Salem and Ozma decided to use their magic to rule as gods and create their own Kingdom. It was shown in "The Lost Fable".


In the past, when Humanity was young and long before the era of the current four Kingdoms, Salem and Ozma used their great magic powers to build their own Kingdom. They lived in a mighty castle and oversaw the land.

After they got in a battle that ended in the deaths of their children and Ozma's first reincarnation, the castle was destroyed. It is unknown what happened to the Kingdom, but due to their ideological differences, it was most likely disbanded.


After Ozma was reincarnated, he found Salem living alone. They lived together before they realized that with their magic powers they could rule the land as gods. They built their own Kingdom and made their home in a large extravagant castle. It is unknown how large the Kingdom was, but it included a settlement which they protected from Grimm.

After a time Salem gave birth to four daughters. Ozma remembered the mission the God of Light gave him and he confided in Salem. Their eldest daughter revealed the ability to use magic and Salem realized they could replace the current Humanity with a new one that would possess magic. Ozma tried escaping with the girls, but was confronted by Salem. The two engaged in a magic battle that destroyed the castle and killed their children. Salem was also killed, but her immortality allowed her to simply reform, confront the heavily injured Ozma and kill him.


  • The Kingdom's crest combines Salem's eye symbol and a staff/telescope.
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