The two fell deeply in love, planned adventures around the world, and lived happily ever after. Or at least that's what should have been.
Jinn talking about Salem and Ozma

After Ozma saved Salem from her tower, they lived together in a small home until his untimely death. It was shown in "The Lost Fable".


Only one room of their home was shown, the L-shaped the bedroom. The nicely furnished room had a wooden floor, wooden cupboard and wooden bookcase filled with books. The side of the room has a small table with two chairs and a furnace. Two wide windows with white curtains filled the room with light. The main element of the room is a two person bed with a chest at its foot. The bookcase has candles and herbs hang from the wall. According to the concept art


After Ozma saved Salem from her father's tower, they fell in love and decided to live together. But their time together was short-lived as Ozma fell ill and died. Salem refused to accept this and set out to convince the Gods to resurrect him.

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