The two amassed a following. That following grew into a prosperous Kingdom. And at the head of that Kingdom blossomed... a family.

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In the ancient past, Salem and Ozma ruled the land together as gods and they lived in their own castle. It was shown in "The Lost Fable".


The only rooms of the interior seen were Salem's study, the living room and the hallway.

Salem's Study

Salem's study is a large stone room with walls lined with pillars and arched and arched windows designed to resemble eyes. Two walls are filled with said windows. One wall has four bookcases filled with books and a simple wooden door. The last wall is designed as a semicircular recess where Salem kept her crystal ball.

Opposite the apse is where Salem kept her desk and chair, facing the room. The wall above her desk has a banner with her and Ozma's emblem. The walls have elbow high candle holders with candles. A red rug lies on the floor in the middle of the room.

Living Room

The living room is similar to the study, with the same size, stone walls, pillars and rug, but the walls are empty except for a fireplace that has a family painting of Ozma, Salem and their daughters hung above it. In front of the fireplace is a black sofa. The same arched eye windows are also present in this room.


The hallway of the castle largely features the same elements and scheme as the rooms. The stone walls have pillars and the windows share the same design.


The castle is large and made from stone. It features at least four large side towers and one main large tower in the middle of the building. The main building that houses the interior quarters has arched windows and the tower has arched windows in the shape of eyes.

The castle has a large wall surrounding it with an opening in front with large imposing statues of Salem and Ozma to each side.


After Salem and Ozma reunited and lived in their forest home for a time, they decided to use their magic powers to rule the land as gods. They built their own Kingdom and made their home in a large extravagant castle. The castle was near a settlement which they protected from Grimm. After a time Salem gave birth to four daughters.

Eventually, Ozma remembered the mission the God of Light gave him and he confided in Salem. Their eldest daughter revealed the ability to use magic and Salem realized they could replace the current humanity with a new one that would possess magic. Ozma tried escaping with the girls but was confronted by Salem. The two engaged in a magic battle that destroyed the castle and killed their daughters. Salem was also killed, but her immortality allowed her to simply reform, confront the heavily injured Ozma and kill him.


  • Many parts of the castle, like the windows and door, resemble Salem's later castle, Evernight Castle.
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