For the castle Salem currently uses as her base, see Evernight Castle.

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Locked away by her cruel father, Salem was a girl who desired but one thing: freedom.

Salem's Tower was a castle that existed during the time of The Gods, where Salem was trapped by her father in her early life. It was shown in the episode "The Lost Fable" of RWBY Volume 6.


The castle stood in a remote area, surrounded by grass and a brick pathway leading to it. Further away red mountains surrounded the area. The castle was large and formidable and had many towers, with the highest one being Salem's. The interior of the castle was stone with stone pillars and many banners. Salem's room was small and had a curved wall with a large window for Salem to watch the outside. She had a desk and dressing table. The door had no interior handle, only a lock and could only be opened from the outside. The room had purple walls and the wall with the door was made out of brick. The room was decorated with banners and a rug.


Salem was trapped there by her cruel father. She was incredibly alone and wished only to leave.

Many warriors attempted to get to Salem but all of them perished, leaving only their weapons in the grassy fields around the castle. One day a warrior named Ozma challenged the forces of the tower and managed to rescue Salem and together they escaped the fortress and fell in love.


  • The castle resembles Beacon Academy.
  • Salem being locked away in her tower by her father is a possible reference to the fairy tale "Rapunzel" where the titular character was locked away in a tower.
  • In RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant, the banner resembles Jaune Arc's emblem. However, it was confirmed by Kerry Shawcross that there is no connection between the two.[1]


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