Call it magic or call it something stronger, but in that moment, the two knew exactly who it was that stood before them.

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Salem's Cottage[1] was a house where Salem lived in when she and Ozma reunited. It was shown in "The Lost Fable".


The house was situated deep in a dark forest. It was a small cottage with a porch and at least two floors. The upper window was shaped like the windows Salem would later use for her castles. The porch had two chairs and a small table. When Ozma first arrives the house is rundown, with planks covering the broken windows and paint that lost its color. When Ozma and Salem reunited they renovated the house and gave it a brighter color scheme. The inside was furnished with wooden cupboards.


After Humanity came back and Ozma reincarnated the first time he searched the land and heard stories and fairy tales[2] of a witch. Following a hunch that it might be Salem he found her house and the two were reunited. Here they lived until they realized that they could use their vast magical power to rule the land as gods.

Later, the fairy tale of the witch in the woods would also be used as inspiration for The Grimm Child, a horror story about the Chill.


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