Volume 3[edit | edit source]

New Challengers...[edit | edit source]

Neptune, what are you doing!?
—Sage, to Neptune Vasilias after the latter flees the battle

RWBY: Amity Arena[edit | edit source]

Sage is a strong but stoic member of Team SSSN. Angry with Sun after his abandonment of the team, he showed reluctance at Sun's return as leader when they helped Team CFVY with their refugees. However, being in Vacuo and experiencing new difficulties after the reinstatements arranged by Headmaster Theodore of Shade, Sage realizes leadership isn't quite what he wanted. Therefore, when Sun grows as a person and a leader, Sage, alongside Scarlet and Neptune, forgave Sun and decided that they will remain team SSSN to the end. "We had a bet on whether you would ever give us a real apology. And I just won." -Sage"
RWBY: Amity Arena
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