Haven AcademyEdit

Sage is a former student at Haven Academy.

Shade Academy Edit

Sage is currently a student at Shade Academy.


Sage is a member of Team SSSN.

Team SSSNEdit

Sun WukongEdit

Folllowing the Fall of Beacon, Sage's relationship with Sun strains, having now gone radio silent between one another. Sun feels as though there's an invisible wall between him and Scarlet and Sage. 

Neptune VasiliasEdit

During the match with Team NDGO, after Neptune immediately runs up the mountain on the enemy team's side, Sage asks him what he is doing, exasperated.

Scarlet DavidEdit

Sage and Scarlet are seen atop an Ursa together in "Battle of Beacon", likely attempting to subdue it.  In RWBY: Before the Dawn, they are shown to have a good relationship.


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