Sage Ayana[1] is a member of Team SSSN. His weapon of choice is Pilgrim, a large sword. Sage made a cameo appearance in "Extracurricular" with his first significant appearance being in "New Challengers...".


Sage is a teenage boy with dark skin and yellow eyes. His hair is sage green, and he appears to have tattoos of wings on his chest and tattoos of Roman numerals, matching those on his sword, around his neck.

He wears a white long coat with asymmetrical sleeves, a green wing design similar to his tattoos and no shirt underneath, displaying his tattooed chest. His jacket also has a golden pauldron on his right shoulder and a golden cuff around his left wrist. He also wears a pair of dark pants fastened by a white belt with a yellow buckle.

Powers and Abilities

Sage's weapon is an enormous sword named Pilgrim. He is seen using it to attack with great force, but Dew Gayl is easily capable of countering his attack. He is not able to formulate a response to Dew's wind-based attack, and he is thrown well clear of the arena, disqualifying him from the match. However, he does have ample Aura reserves, with 75% remaining, after the fall.

While fighting a giant Nevermore, he displays the ability to propel himself high into the air with a green shockwave that spreads from where he jumps. With assistance from Yatsuhashi Daichi, he cuts through the Grimm's neck in one blow.


  • Sage alludes either to Aesop or one of Aesop's tales. For more information on this allusion, as well as other choices the creators made for this character, see Sage Ayana/Behind the Scenes.
  • Sage (Salvia officinalis) or common sage is a type of perennial plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Common sage is often used as essential herbs.
    • The color sage gets its name from the dried appearance of this plant.
    • Sage is also a given name that means "herb" or "prophet".
    • In the Symposium, a sage is a person who has already been given wisdom, hence called "wise" and also "insightful".
  • His surname, Ayana, is based on a Hindu epic.[2] In Sanskrit, the word ayana means "walking a road/path" or "going, advancing."


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