"Sacrifice" is the theme to the credits sequence of "Breach" during Volume 2 of RWBY.


The song opens with a distorted bass line accompanied by drums, brass volume swells, and dissonant keyboard arpeggios. Casey Lee Williams' vocals enter the mix, softly singing the first verses. The song builds in volume, incorporating multiple distorted guitars, but it later returns to a quieter dynamic after the first chorus. Casey sings a sparsely-accompanied verse before the song breaks back into an explosive guitar solo and final chorus.

"Sacrifice" is an unusual composition in that the main melody of the verses is based on the harmonic minor scale, which imbues it with a unique, unsettling quality. The song switches back to the natural minor scale during the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge. The song also uses modal elements, heavily evoking the Phrygian mode (and Phrygian dominant scale).

Notably, the last line of each verse (e.g. "Still no closer to your... Goal.") heavily emphasizes the raised seventh of the harmonic minor scale. This creates a great deal of tension, as the listener expects a resolution to the tonic which does not occur. The line also uses syncopation in order to build suspense and anticipation.


Close your eyes now time for dreams,
Death is never what it seems.
Did the things you thought you should,
All the things they said were good.

All your faith in ancient ways,
Leaves you trapped inside a maze.
Take the lives of those you need,
Sow the death then reap the seed.
Reap the seed.

Born an angel, heaven sent,
Falls from grace are never elegant.
Stars will drop out of the sky,
The moon will sadly watch the roses die.

In vain,
Lost, no gain,
But you're not taking me.

You can't have my life,
I'm not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I'm free,
And you won't conquer me.

I won't crawl,
Most of all,
I won't fall,
For you.

Show them gods and deities,
Blind and keep the people on their knees.
Pierce the sky, escape your fate.
The more you try the more you'll just breed hate,

And lies.
Truth will rise,
Revealed by mirrored eyes.

What if all the plans you made,
Were not worth the price they paid?
Even with the lives you stole,
Still no closer to your...

You can't have my life.
I'm not your sacrifice.
You can try, but I'm free,
And you won't conquer me.

I won't crawl,
Most of all,
I won't fall,
For you.[1]


  • Though the song bears similarities to Raven Branwen's motif, the song is not intended as such, as Raven's motif was based off a different song.[2] Furthermore, Alex Abraham does not know whose music theme Sacrifice is representing, suggesting it could very well have been written and composed as being under the category of not "belonging" to a specific character.[3]


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