After her!!
—Saber, regarding Ilia

Saber Rodentia is a captain of the Menagerie Guard. He first appears in "Unforeseen Complications".


Saber is a gerbil Faunus.[1] He wears the typical Menagerie Guard garb. His hair is dark brown and shaven at the sides, similar to Corsac Albain.

He has a scar running across his right eye and his Faunus trait are buck teeth.


Saber is shown to be strict and take his job seriously. When Ilia accused the Belladonna family of being traitors and she started an argument against them, Saber commands his men to pursue her. After he arrests Corsac Albain, he asks him if his actions and losing his brother were worth it. Saber also stops Ilia from leaving his grasp due to her helping with the attack on the Bellandonnas until Blake Belladonna tells him to let her go before asking her father Ghira Belladonna what she thought she was doing.


Color Naming Rule

  • A saber is a type of cavalry sword.
  • Rodentia is Latin for the order of Rodents.


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