Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Beacon Academy[edit | edit source]

Russel is a former first-year student at Beacon Academy.

Team CRDL[edit | edit source]

Russel is a member of Team CRDL. He is seen to often delight in taking part in his team's bullying antics.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Velvet Scarlatina[edit | edit source]

Velvet is a victim of bullying by Cardin Winchester, with Russel and his fellow team members taking part by laughing at her and Russel himself calling her a freak. It appears their actions are motivated by her status as a Faunus.

Cardin Winchester[edit | edit source]

Despite him being their team leader, when an Ursa begins attacking Cardin, he and the other members of CRDL were quick to abandon Cardin and save themselves.

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