Participants Episode(s) Result
Team CRDL vs. Pyrrha "Extracurricular" Lost
Russel and Sky vs. Penny and Ciel "Never Miss a Beat" Lost


Beacon Academy Initiation

Russel is first seen readying himself to launch into the Emerald Forest for the Beacon Academy Initiation, which determines the students' teams. When Professor Ozpin finishes his explanations, the platforms upon which each new student is standing spring up and launch them over and into the Forest.

Russel is not seen until the end of the Initiation, where he is standing alongside Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing and Sky Lark in front of Ozpin on the auditorium stage. Ozpin announces that they retrieved the Black Bishop pieces, and would be known as Team CRDL, led by Cardin.

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Start of Classes

As Jaune Arc is being asked by his friends to admit that he is bullied during lunch, he looks over and sees Russel and the rest of CRDL bullying the Faunus student Velvet Scarlatina. When Cardin is forcibly pulling on her rabbit ears to prove that they are real, Russel proclaims that she is a freak before she is let go and runs away with her face covered.

Russel is later seen with his team in the Forever Fall forest. Shortly after Jaune collects the jars of red sap, he and the rest of his team listen to Cardin's plan to have Jaune throw the jar of sap at Pyrrha Nikos, in order for Cardin to get payback. When Cardin mentions that Jaune got the Rapier Wasps that are going to be released on Pyrrha, Russel gives Jaune a friendly pat on the back. However, when Jaune refuses and throws the jar at Cardin Russel watches in shock and then seems pleased as Cardin prepares to punish Jaune for his defiance.

Russel is later seen watching Cardin beat up Jaune. However, when an Ursa Major appears he abandons Cardin, noting the size of the Grimm. When he runs into Yang Xiao Long, she grabs him and gets him to tell her about the Ursa. He then promptly breaks away from her grip and continues fleeing.

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Prelude to the Dance

Russel is seen fighting against Pyrrha with his team. Russel and Sky perform some team attacks on Pyrrha, with Russel performing a spinning attack with his two swords, but Pyrrha defeats all of them without much difficulty.

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Vytal Festival Tournament

Russel screaming in panic during the Vytal Festival match

Russel and his team compete in the fortieth biennial Vytal Festival tournament, representing Beacon Academy and the kingdom of Vale. After Team CRDL wins their off-screen match in the team round of the tournament, Russel and Sky are selected to represent them in the doubles round. The two are matched against Penny Polendina and Ciel Soleil, who make quick work of them in a brief fight.

Episodes Covering These Events

It is current unknown where Russel was in the Battle of Beacon and what his status is following the Fall of Beacon.

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