Rumpole is a professor at Shade Academy. She sent Team CFVY on an away mission in response to a distress call from a desert settlement.[1] As shown in RWBY: Before the Dawn, she is the history teacher at Shade.


Rumpole is described as a woman with a deep tan, whose age is hard to tell due to her short stature, standing at about four feet tall, and of her fine features and mischievous expression. Rumpole's sandy brown hair reaches her ankles, in a long braid bound by a golden cord. She has a wide, squarish frame that exaggerated her shortness, and she wore brown pants with a loose, dark green tunic cinched with a brown leather belt at her waist.

The most notable part of Rumpole's outfit is a sleeveless long coat, dark brown and coarse on the outside with glittering flecks, speculated by Coco Adel to be pyrite-infused rocks or cloth studded with Dust and a silky, gold lining. Coco describes it as both rustic and gaudy and likely costing a fortune.


Coco describes Rumpole as somebody who is similar to Glynda Goodwitch, with a stern and harsh personality, though not someone who's overly cruel. She is said to be stylish and is the only other Huntress other than Glynda who Coco seeks approval of. She is trusted by Theodore, serving as his right-hand woman.

She's also implied to be very skilled when it comes to detective work as she mentions that she'll be doing her own private investigation into The Crown's criminal activities on her own.

Rumpole seemingly believes that Remnant is due for another global war, abruptly swapping her class' studies from the foundations of Shade Academy to the Great War.


During RWBY: After the Fall, Rumpole sent Team CFVY on an away mission in response to a distress call from a desert settlement.

She later makes her debut in Before the Dawn, where she teaches the history of the Great War to several students including Team CFVY, Team ABRN, and Iris Marilla, and relating it to the Fall of Beacon. Team CFVY requests that Rumpole tell Theodore about wanting an opportunity to hunt down the Crown, Carmine Esclados, and Bertilak Celadon, but Rumpole takes to investigating the criminal group herself instead, leaving Theodore unaware.


  • Rumpole may allude to Rumpelstiltskin, a popular fairy tale. It also comes from the Norman personal name Rumbald, composed of the Germanic elements rum 'wide', 'spacious' (or, more plausibly, a byform of hrum 'renown') + bald 'bold', 'brave'.



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