Oh great. What are they even doing here?
—Ruda, about Team RWBY

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Ruda is a member of Team BRIR, introduced in "RWBY: Arrowfell".


Ruda is an red-headed girl with a slight tan, styling her straight orange hair with a parted fringe at the front and a loose top bun at the back, with a couple of loose strands and platinum streaks. She wears gunmetal gray circular goggles with an orange visor and bronze studs on the straps. Additionally, she wears a charcoal-colored cropped T-shirt that exposes her midriff underneath a cropped, lime green turtleneck sweater. She also wears presumably a pair of two-tone black and desert white pants, underneath two overlapping dark green belts, the larger one overlaid over the smaller belt wrapped diagonally from her top left to bottom right, adorned with gold spiked studs, and gunmetal gray belt buckle, while the smaller one inverts direction from top right to bottom left.

She shares a tattoo with her team on her left arm, and wears two streaks of black face paint underneath her orange eyes.

Like the rest of her team she has golden and bronze spikes in her design, having them on her goggles and belt.




She alongside her team all hail from outside of Atlas. They traveled to Atlas and are involved in an as of yet unknown mission.

Powers and Abilities



Ruda's weapons are a pair of large, mechanized, desert brown and orange hued drills (with charcoal colored drill bits) that cover her hands.


  • Ruda means "red-haired woman" in Polish. It also means "ore" in many Slavic languages.
  • The team has matching tattoos and thorn ornaments.[1] Ruda has a tattoo on her left arm and ornaments on her goggles and belt.


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