"Ruby vs. Cardin" is a sparring match that occurred at Beacon Academy. It was depicted in Chapter 2 of the manga. It was not portrayed or referenced in the main series.

Preceding EventsEdit

Cardin threw Jaune Arc into the table where Team RWBY was sitting in the dining hall. While Ruby tried to discover if Jaune was alright, she and Cardin end up facing each other. He taunts, but before she can say anything, Glynda Goodwitch arrives. Glynda points out that it is a Huntsman's responsibility to question whether a situation requires using their skills. Before Ruby can keep up with what is going on, Glynda declares a sparring match between her and Cardin.

The FightEdit

The entire school has come to watch their youngest student spar against another first year, greatly unnerving Ruby. From the audience, after cheering her on, Yang suddenly remembers that Ruby has stage fright.

The two combatants face each other, while Cardin is eager for the match to get going.

In a panic, Ruby is babbling aloud about not knowing what to do. She assesses Cardin's weapon and decides it is too much of a threat and she does not want to be there.

Cardin yells at her to stop yapping. Ruby apologizes to "Mr. Mace Wielder", but Cardin corrects her with his real name and then loudly taunts Team RWBY about their leader for everyone to hear. Unable to tolerate it, Weiss shouts at Ruby to remember that she is their leader and she has always wanted to be a Huntress.

Glynda shouts for the match to begin.

Without hesitation, Cardin brings his mace in a downward stroke to hit Ruby, but she jumps back out of the way. He repeats, bringing his mace up over his head and down again, only to have her jump out of the way a second time.

Finding her courage by remembering her desire to be a Huntress, Ruby opens up Crescent Rose and swings it at Cardin. She makes contact and knocks him backward. With one mighty swing, Cardin's Aura is depleted and Ruby wins the match.

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