Season 1Edit

Ruby Makes CookiesEdit

Now that's a katana!
—Ruby reading "Ninja's of Love"
This. Is. Filth. Filth!
—Ruby to Blake, about her book

Cat BurglarEdit

Jaune be nimble, Jaune be quick, Jaune fell over the candlestick!
—Ruby saying a rhyme about Jaune a while playing jump rope with Blake and Yang
—Ruby playing the ball of yarn

Sissy FightEdit

Yeah! I think it turned out to be pretty good!
—Ruby to Yang, about the costume party
The foolishness you've tolerated compares not to ... the -the foolishness in which you've fooled!
—Ruby to Weiss

The VacuumEdit

Hey Blake! Can I borrow that book you're reading?
—Ruby to Blake
You're okay!? How are you even here!?
—Ruby to Pyrrha, shock to see her alive

Prank WarsEdit

Ice water for the Ice Queen!
—Ruby to Weiss, after she play a prank on Weiss

Ren Plays TagEdit

Yeah, I, I know you're busy, that makes sense. I don't have anything else to do, whether you've got stuff to do, that's fine.
—Ruby sulking about Weiss rejected her offer to hang out
—Ruby to Weiss, after getting tired of waiting for Weiss to finish studying

Love TriangleEdit

What, you don't like it? YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY VISION! It's a butt.
—Ruby to Weiss

Nurse RubyEdit

What!? Nah, this was the stuff my dad used to do for me when I was sick! It would always make me feel better!
—Ruby to Weiss

Little Red Riding HoodEdit

Stop upstaging everyone and get in the bed!
—Ruby yelling at Yang, for interrupting the play
You guys are ruining my vision!
—Ruby to everyone
I like to think that art is open to interpretation!
—Ruby to everyone

Big VacationEdit

Silly, that's because we're BFFs! And as your BFF, I just knew you'd want me to come along!
—Ruby to Weiss

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

Zwei! There you are. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? Who gets all the kissies? You do. Yeah, you do. Come on, let's go eat Weiss' homework.
—Ruby to Zwei

Bike RaceEdit

No fair! I was gonna be so fast... and yet now, I am just furious!
—Ruby is furious about Weiss cheating the race
Oh no! Too much adventure! Oh boy! Aww, this is gonna get crazy! Plot progression! It's happening, right now!
—Ruby about the adventures she been through

Evil PlansEdit

Hellooo~ new friends!
—Ruby to Cinder and Emerald
We came to invite you to our BFF party! In which we invite new people we barely know to become our BFFs!
—Ruby to Cinder and Emerald about BBF party
I knew you guys were BFF material! Oh, you're so nice!
—Ruby to Cinder and Emerald
Goodbye, my delicious friend. You never had a chance.
—Ruby saying her farewell to the destroy cake

Pillow FightEdit

Man, I wish I were a dog. You got the easy life, Zwei!
—Ruby to Zwei
Weiss, your chilly reign of terror has finally come to an end.
—Ruby to Weiss
Yang! Avenge... me...
—Ruby's "final words" to Yang after the pillow fight

Roman's RevengeEdit

You know what? You're right. In the long run, one test is no big deal! I'll do better next time! Thanks, Blake!
—Ruby to a shadow copy of Blake
Oh my god, I'm so sorry, he never acts like this! I should never have taken him out, he's been cooped up all day long, it's just... I'm so sorry!
—Ruby to Cinder
He looks very sweet! Zwei, don't embarrass me!
—Ruby to Zwei

Cinder Who?Edit

Weiss, Weiss! Look! I got us friendship bracelets!
—Ruby to Weiss
Wanna see me eat this cookie through my nose? Check it out!
—Ruby to Weiss

Security WoesEdit

Look, I don't know how it happened, but if you treasure your life you must learn the ways of parkour...
—Ruby to Weiss, warning her about the lava
Yes! Dear sister, if you value your life you'll tread carefully! One misstep could mean certain doom...
—Ruby to Yang, warning her about the lava

The One with a Laugh TrackEdit

Oh, the Vale Kingdom Quartet, everyone! We love you all; we hope you've had fun! And we'll see you next season! Thank you, good night!
—Ruby to the audiences

Season 2Edit

Director OzpinEdit

We just call it dodgeball. Also we're all friends here, not enemies.
—Ruby, explaining the concept of dodgeball to Penny
Oh my god, she's not a real person! I had no idea!
—Ruby, to everyone

Geist BusterEdit

Yang! Unleash our fury on the enemy!
—Ruby, to Yang
Oh, I never thought it would end like this. I mean really, it never would have occurred to me!
—Ruby, to Ren

Magic ShowEdit

Ta-da! I am Ruby the Great! Mistress of the Magic Arts!
—Ruby, to everyone
Number one, you don't need any help to do that. And B, I am not your assistant. I am a magical partner.
—Ruby to Jaune

Super BestiesEdit

Yes, yes, yes, you dooo. You want to hang out and do fun activities with Ruby all day lonnng!
—Ruby, manipulating Weiss in her sleep
Sleep little snowflake. It's all going according to plan.
—Ruby to Weiss
On the bright side, I think I can get you a date! Man, that obedience school really went all out on you, huh?
—Ruby to Zwei

Must Be NiceEdit

Aha, I did it! Ha! Nobody can remove me from this state! Nobody! Wait, where is everyone?
—Ruby, thought she made in class on time until she realize no one here

Boy BandEdit

t's a yearly party where Zwei can check up on all his pet friends. And he can get a shot of fun while he's there.
—Ruby to Nora
No, look, I can't say where I'm really taking him or Zwei will freak out and run away. And it takes forever to get him back.
—Ruby, trying to explain to Nora without mention the vet in front of Zwei
It's a Tai-dye shirt! We get it, Dad!
—Ruby to Taiyang

Cool DadEdit

It's okay, Dad, you can teach us all the boring stuff and Uncle Qrow can teach us all the cool stuff.
—Ruby to Taiyang
Well, dads aren't supposed to be cool. They're supposed to be dads. And you're the best dad in the whole world.
—Ruby to Taiyang

Happy BirthdayWeenEdit

I mean, I was kiiinda hoping you guys would buy mine for meee 'cause you know uh, it's my birthday.
—Ruby to her teammates

Battle of the BandsEdit

Ah, what a crazy sequence of events, am I right? Thanks again for another season of colorful characters and hilarious hijinks. Here's to next season! Goodbye, every-
—Ruby to everyone before being knockout by Nora

Season 3Edit

Grimm PassengersEdit

Hello, everyone. We have a lot of fun here on RWBY Chibi, but one thing's for certain, and that's that puns are no laughing matter. If you or someone you care about is known to use puns, please seek professional help. It's never too late to change.
—Ruby's PSA on punning

Teenage Faunus Ninja CatgirlEdit

All day long, I felt like someone's following me, but every time I look, I miss them! They're too fast!
—Ruby to Nora, about someone been following her all day without catching them

Kids vs Adults vs PupsEdit

I give the tummy rubs! I'm a good girl!
—Zwei's image of Ruby
Penny, that was magical! Thank you so much for introducing me.
—Ruby to Penny
You light up my life.
—Ruby to Penny

In The Clutches of EvilEdit

This is unacceptable! I'm practically an adult, I still don't know how to drive and I demand that you teach me immediately!
—Ruby to Taiyang, about teaching her how to drive

Play With PennyEdit

Season finale, can't do it yet...
—Ruby to herself about she can't reveal her powers yet

RWBY DreamsEdit

Ah! Betrayed by my own cuteness! I can't breathe!
—Chibi Ruby getting hugged to tight by Regular Ruby
Zwei, that's the third time this week!
—Ruby to Zwei

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