RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Yeah! Let's break stuff!
—Scythe Ruby
Ooh, this should be fun!
—Sniper Ruby

RWBY: Grimm EclipseEdit

Oh yeah!
—Ruby's character taunt

RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 1Edit

I have a dream. Child or not... I don't care what anyone calls me... I know what I want to be. I've decided to become... A hero who saves everyone, like in storybooks
—Ruby, to Weiss, Blake, and Yang

Chapter 2Edit

I really didn't want to partner up with you. Which's why I pretended we didn't lock eyes a minute ago. But... That won't fly here. If I start lying to myself now... Then no matter hard I work... I'll never be the Huntress of my dreams.
—Ruby, to Weiss

Chapter 4Edit

Hear me out! What if we let that thing live now... and it goes on to hurt someone else? I don't think.. we could forgive ourselves...
—Ruby, to everyone, about fighting the Grimms instead of running away
You two are taking your sweet time!! Meanwhile, Those of us playing the role of live bait are flirting with death!!
—Ruby, to Weiss and Blake

Chapter 5Edit

I call this one "Cannonball." Weiss and Blake form the catapult, yang provides a boost, and I'm the ball. That'll multiply my Semblance speed ten times over.
—Ruby, talks the team attack with her team

Chapter 6Edit

Heh. Nobody can evade me and my super speed...
—Ruby, to Sun before she accidentally bumps into Penny
Um. No. I mean, not "No", but... You're just... really close.
—Ruby, to Penny when she asks her if they can be friends

Chapter 7Edit

To tell you the truth... I think those two were actually right... So it's like even if I stumble across Blake... What would I even say...? Feels like nothing makes sense anymore...
—Ruby, to Penny about Blake

Chapter 8Edit

Wait, Huh?! You're the dine-and-dasher from earlier!! Why'd I save you?!
—Ruby, to Sun after realizing she saves him from Roman
Whatever! All that matters is that Team RWBY is back in action!!!
—Ruby, to her team

Chapter 9Edit

Such a space case, Blake... I said, since today's our last day of, I was thinking... Team RWBY should do something together.
—Ruby, to Blake about doing something together as a team
How dare you!! I shall have vengeance for Weiss!
—Ruby, to Team JNPR after they defeated Weiss
I know. Let's put it to a vote. Any young Huntresses who want to fight back against threats to Vale... say... "Aye."
—Ruby, to Blake about going after the White Fang and Roman
Everyone got it? Let's get this operation started!!
—Ruby, to everyone

Chapter 10Edit

I can't leave you all alone. not when those Atlesian soldiers are after you.
—Ruby, to Penny about the Atlesian soldiers
I get. Something bigger's going on. It's okay-I won't pry. We're friends, so I'll take you your word.
—Ruby gently asking Penny to trust her
Ah... I get it. it's not easy admitting that kinda thing. But everything's starting to make sense now. That battle in the other day, and just now, how you stopped that truck.
—Ruby understanding Penny's situation after she told her secret
Get outta town! "Now matter what sort of person she may be... The fact of your friend remains unchanged." You told me that, Penny.
—Ruby repreating Penny's words to her.

Chapter 11Edit

Sun, Neptune... Thanks for leading us to him. It's time for the main act... Roman Torchwick!!
—Ruby thanks Sun and Neptune's efforts, for leading Roman to her team

Chapter 13Edit

I'm not much for dancing or parties. Battling bad guys is more my speed!
—Ruby, to Cinder

Chapter 14Edit

Nope! I got a creepy feeling, so I came to heck it out!
—Ruby, to Cinder about the reason why went to CCT Tower
I mean... It feels like I'm getting closer to my dream. Right?
—Ruby, to her team

Chapter 15Edit

In class, you taught us how... a lots of people used to live here before the Grimm destroyed everything... So it's like no matter how hard we try... no matter how strong we get... There'll always be people we can't protect. To me, That's... frustrating... That's why I gotta get stronger and stronger. So that next time... I can protect them.
—Ruby, to Oobleck

Chapter 16Edit

Shut up! I dunno much about justice... or villainy... But... If we let you run free, you're gonna hurt a whole bunch of people again, right? And I... Can't allow that!!!
—Ruby, to Roman

Chapter 17Edit

I dunno what happened... But your scheme is officially derailed... Whatever you try... You're...Done for!!
—Ruby, to Roman after she defeats him

RWBY (comic)Edit

Chapter 1: "Preclude: The Elegy"Edit

I love stories. That's what everyone thought I'd be, when I was little kid-- "Ruby Rose, you were born to be a storyteller. I loved the songs, the fights, the battles, the romances. Then there came a when I realized... I didn't have just tell the stories. I could live my own.
—Ruby's inner monologue about how she love stories during her childhood

Chapter 6: "Ruby: Part Two: The Egg"Edit

I don't want a thank-you. I won't say "You're welcome". You want to listen to scare tactics instead of thinking for yourself. That's your choice. You want to believe what some stranger tells you instead of what your eyes and ears show you, that's your choice. But birds that don't hatch just die in their eggs. So I hope you choose to break out. Open up. Trust people and help people. Grow. Even if it's hard. But I can't make you do it. And I can't do it for you.
—Ruby, to the villagers of Black Queen village

Chapter 7: "Yang: Part Two: Magic Words"Edit

*wheeze*Don't worry about it, Yang! *wheeze*I got to feed the chickens! *wheeze*Chickens are great! Sure in the "There's actually no such thing as magic"' sense!
—Ruby, to Yang

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