Episode 1 - "Ruby Rose"Edit

  1. Model - When Roman Torchwick first appears at 1:27, all of his Henchmen are all clean shaven; however, after entering From Dust Till Dawn, two of them have facial hair.
  2. Animation - Between 3:26 to 3:30, when Ruby Rose twirls Crescent Rose, her hand animation and the movement of Crescent Rose is off.
  3. Model - During Ruby's fight scene with the thugs, at 3:50, a blank model can be seen in the background.
  4. Model - During Ruby's fight with the thugs and Roman, the writing on one of the windows disappears, followed later by the glass shards of the other, broken window.
  5. Model - At around 4:37, Ruby's right wrist is detached from her body.
  6. Model - Between the times of 5:37 and 5:50, during the fight scene between Glynda Goodwitch and Cinder Fall, the Bullhead's door appears closed as Glynda dodges the exploding ground, when it should be open.
  7. Animation - At 5:50, Roman pulls the lever to the right, but the Bullhead banks to the left instead.
  8. Animation - Just before eating the cookies, at 7:26, a constraint cube can be seen in Ruby's left hand.
  9. Model - Ruby's reflection isn't inverted on the airship's glass during 10:25 and 10:28.

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