You're wrong. We've done things that most people would call impossible, and I know the only reason we were able to do it is because we didn't do it alone! We had people to teach us, people to help us, we had each other. Work with us. At least I know we'll have a better chance if we try together. Please.

Ruby's Group (unofficial) is a group consisting of Team RWBY, JNR and their allies that the show follows in their battle against Salem and her forces.


Following the Fall of Beacon, Team RWBY was scattered by the battle; with every member going into their separate ways. Without Ozpin to guide them, Ruby Rose and the remaining members of Team JNPR formed Team RNJR to travel to Mistral in order to bring justice to Cinder's Faction for attacking Beacon.


Volume 4 Edit

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During their travels, Qrow Branwen followed RNJR, unbeknownst to them, protecting the team from any Grimm along the way. Qrow made himself known to the team when RNJR was attacked by Tyrian Callows, who had been sent to capture Ruby under Salem's order. Ruby and Qrow defeat Tyrian, but Qrow is poisoned by the Faunus' stinger, leading the group to rush to Mistral, stopping to face the Nuckelavee in the abandoned settlement of Kuroyuri, where they were rescued by the Mistral police force.

Volume 5 Edit

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Days later, Qrow meets Oscar Pine in a bar, introducing the boy to the group. Oscar explains he is the next incarnation of Ozpin, who reveals himself to his former students.

In Haven Academy, the group met Leonardo Lionheart and planned to ambush the Branwen Tribe to recover the Spring Maiden.

Later, Weiss Schnee and Yang Xiao Long joined the group after having arrived from the Branwen Tribe's camp using Raven Branwen's Semblance to transport them to her brother.

The group was ambushed by Leo and Salem's forces in Haven, who planned to steal the Relic of Knowledge from the Academy in order to complete their goals. In the ensuing battle, Yang discovered Raven was the true Spring Maiden, and convinced her to take the Relic, preventing the Fall of Haven.

Volume 6 Edit

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Two weeks later, the group attempted to travel to Argus in order to secure the Relic in Atlas, but were forced to briefly separate into two groups due to a train crash, where RWBY, Qrow, and Oscar were left behind and forced to hike to the city, meeting Maria Calavera in the process. There, the group discovered the truth about Ozpin and Salem through Jinn's recounting of their past, which led to Ozpin sealing himself away deep in Oscar's mind.

Due to Caroline Cordovin being unwilling to let the group take an airship to Atlas, the group was forced to steal one and fight Cordovin's Colossus while Blake and Yang fought against Adam Taurus.

Volume 7 Edit

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After arriving at Atlas, the group met with James Ironwood and his group where he revealed his plan to build the Amity Communications Tower and gave them Huntsman licenses.

The newfound Huntsmen proceed to go on various missions and train at Atlas Academy.

During Robyn Hill and Jacques Schnee's election party Tyrian attacks the people and Arthur Watts hacks the video framing Penny. The event causes Grimm to attack Mantle forcing Ruby's Group and the Ace-Ops to fight into the night defending the city.

During the group's visit of the Schnee Manor. Weiss found out that Jacques Schnee allied himself with Arthur Watts and arrested him.

Watts uses his credentials to disable Mantle's heat causing discord and panic and Ruby's Group is sent with the Ace-Ops to deal with the Grimm. The panic is slightly released when Ironwood reveals the truth about the Grimm and Salem to the people.

However, Team RWBY and the Ace-Ops are later called back to Atlas Academy by Ironwood while Jaune, Ren, and Nora go off to find Oscar. Ironwood breaks down after realizing Cinder has infiltrated the school and his paranoia only worsens when Salem uses a Seer to tell them she is on her way.. This causes him to fall victim to his fears, and decides the best plan to keep the Relics from Salem is to use the Relic of Creation to move Atlas, leaving Mantle to die, much to Team RWBY's horror and anger.

Seeing the girls as enemies he declares them, JNR, Oscar, and Qrow as wanted criminals to be detained on sight officially cutting ties with them and Ozpin's Group. Team RWBY manages to defeat the Ace-Ops and get help from Pietro and Maria to escape the school, while Ruby and Weiss go to the Winter Maiden and find Winter and Penny fighting with Cinder over the Maiden's powers. Ruby uses her silver eyes to stop Cinder's relentless attack, forcing her to flee while Penny, the new Maiden, goes with Ruby and the others.


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