Rosa Schwein is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn. She was a former Huntress hailing from Shade Academy who deserted in order to restore the Vacuan monarchy, serving as an enforcer for The Crown.


Rosa is a woman with spiky pink hair, who wore a loose black robe over a white tunic. She wore a silver band around her right arm, and a gas mask over her face.


Rosa is shown to be supportive of the Crown's plans and goals, serving under her teammate without hesitation. Unlike the Asturias, Rosa is not shown to have any grudges towards Atlas, and is daring enough to use a Scroll in front of Gillian Asturias despite the latter's rage towards other kingdoms. She has no qualms with kidnapping others, and wishes for the Asturias to rule over Vacuo.

Powers and Abilities

Rosa is a skilled martial fighter, using boxer-like combat styles.


Rosa's Semblance is Intangibility, which allows her to briefly phase through enemies' attacks. When Rosa uses her Semblance, she briefly becomes a blur.


Some time before the beginning of the novel, Rosa enrolled into Shade Academy, where she met and formed a team with Gillian Asturias, Argento Pocoron, and Jax Asturias. After Jax was expelled, she and her team set out to restore the Vacuan monarchy with the Asturias as their rulers.

Originally identified as "Pink", Rosa is one of three criminals who fight Sun Wukong along with Argento and Green after he spots them stalking a woman in a nightclub. At first seeming to be simple thieves in masks, they are shown out to be formidable opponents who are described as invincible by Sun, and later Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi who assist him. The trio escapes after Team CFVY makes an appearance.

Rosa is later present as Gillian prepares for war in the Crown Bunker, helping her superior ready their army to attack Vacuo. She insists to Gillian that despite the Crown's hatred towards Atlas, they have to use Scrolls in order to keep communications going smoothly.

After this, Rosa and Argento go to Finn Asturias' home, warning him to leave Vacuo and go to Vale for the upcoming war.

She participates in the Battle of Shade, and upon the Crown's defeat, is incarcerated in Vacuo.



  • The three Crown criminals Rosa Schwein, Argento Pocoron, and Green possibly allude to The Three Little Pigs. Rosa Schwein's name translates to "pink pig", Argento is a pig faunus and Green's stench Semblance could reference pigs.

Color Naming Rule

  • "Rosa" is derived from the Latin word for "rose", which typically bring about white, red, and pink colors to mind. "Schwein" is German for the word "pig".


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