Robyn showed herself to be incredibly loyal towards her home Kingdom of Atlas, as she herself stated that the main reason as to why she entered into politics was because of her desire to give every citizen of Atlas, both human and Faunus, an equal chance at having a good life.

Robyn, in particular, cared greatly for the Kingdoms former capital Mantle, with her main goal originally being to improve the economic and living conditions of the city to the same level to that of the newer capital Atlas', earning her the loyalty, love and admiration of Mantle's citizens and granting her an immense following of the city's residents with many of them referring to her as their "Hometown Hero". Robyn herself had shown immense worry and care for the city and its inhabitants as seen in her outrage and contempt for General Ironwood due to the implementation of the Dust Embargo that worsened the living conditions of Mantle and again attempted to help the city by directly demanding as to why precious resources meant for the city's defensive wall repair were being diverted to Ironwood's secret project, Robyn herself eventually resorted to more criminal methods to help the city due to no aid being given to Mantle, further showing her devotion to Mantle.

Later upon her losing the election to Jacques and the massacre of her victory party during "A Night Off", Robyn took proactive and vigilante actions to help Mantle, as seen during the events of "Worst Case Scenario", where Robyn and her team began actively stealing and sabotaging the Amity Project supply trucks and redistributing the stolen supplies to Mantle. Robyn even exerted her influence over Mantle by having the cities supplier's and producer's of resources needed to complete the project to refuse to do business with Atlas until the Mantle was given aid and its defensive wall were properly repaired.

As seen in "Creation", Robyn herself was fully devoted to the people of Mantle and Atlas, so much so that she immediately agreed to Ruby's Group's plan to evacuate the Kingdom and drop the City of Atlas in order to save its citizens instead and leave behind the rubble for Salem.

Happy Huntresses

Fiona Thyme

Robyn and Fiona during the victory party

Fiona is one of Robyn's most loyal personal followers, as seen when despite being a top graduate from Atlas Academy and having the chance of obtaining a high paying and high profile job in the Atlas military, Fiona instead chose to follow Robyn in attempting to better Mantle, a cause that Fiona takes immense pride and loyalty in as seen in the victory party in "A Night Off" where Fiona shows clear strong emotions in stating her belief and faith in Robyn's political aspiration to become Mantle's "voice" in the council of their Kingdom and continue helping the city.

Robyn, in turn, reciprocates this loyalty, as seen when she worriedly tried to help Fiona after she was injured by Tyrian Callows during the events of the failed victory party and showed clear anger at the fact she was injured.

Joanna Greenleaf

Joanna is one of Robyn's most loyal and devoted followers, as despite graduating from Atlas Academy and having the option of obtaining a high position and high paying job in the Atlas Military, she instead chose to follow Robyn to Mantle and help her fulfill her goal in improving the Cities economic and living conditions, a goal that Joanna has become very committed to, as seen in the events of "Sparks" where she would not even shy away from resorting to criminal methods to help repair the cities outer walls, as seen when she assisted her leader's attempt at robbing the convoy transporting the resources to a top-secret Atlas military project, showing that she was more loyal to Robyn than that to her own Kingdom.

Joanna's closeness to her leader is also further demonstrated during the events of "A Night Off" where she assures Robyn that she would win the election, showing her immense faith in her leader's skills as a politician and the righteousness of her cause.

May Marigold

May is one of Robyn's most loyal and devoted companions in her huntsman team, with her loyalty to Robyn being strong enough for her to instead chose to go to Mantle and assist her in her goal of bettering the cities social and economic conditions to match that of the new capital Atlas despite her having the option of instead enlisting and obtaining a high position within the Atlas Military due to her being one of Atlas Academy's top graduates.

May's loyalty to Robyn and her goal of helping Mantle is strong enough for her to even resort to criminal and illegal methods to help the city, as seen in "Sparks" where May assisted her leader's attempt at obtaining the needed resources to repair the cities outer defensive wall from Grimm by attempting to steal it from a top-secret Atlas project, further demonstrating her devotions to her leader's goal and her own loyalty to her. During the events of "A Night Off" May is shown to fully support Robyn on her political aspirations to become a councilwoman and become the "voice" of Mantle in Atlas, as seen when she happily reassured her of her victory in the coming elections.

Later as seen in "Refuge", May was shown to strongly support Robyn in whatever she believed in, as seen where she agreed to help Ruby, Nora, Blake and Weiss break into Atlas and into one of its most secure military bases in order to assist them in their mission to complete Amity Communications Tower due to Robyn's enthusiasm and excitement in the project's completion.


James Ironwood

Robyn had a distrustful relationship with Ironwood due to the Dust Embargo he implemented which prevented the exportation and the trade of Dust with other Kingdoms due to the threat of "war". This in turn heavily disrupted and lowered the kingdom's economic climate, particularly in Mantle, making the living conditions even more difficult for the former capital. This put her at odds with Ironwood due to her own goal of bettering the conditions of the city. Robyn's opinion of him only continued to plummet as the story progressed due to him diverting nearly all of Mantle's resources on his secret project, effectively causing the cities defenses to be weakened and allowing the Grimm even more chances to attack to city's residents, and with his refusal to reveal as to why Mantle was not being given aid, Robyn's own negative suspicions on the General only increased.

With the massacre of her followers and Penny being framed as the murderer during the events of "A Night Off", Robyn's opinion of Ironwood took a turn for the worse, causing her to actively sabotage Ironwood's secret project by raiding and stealing the supplies being transported for the Amity Tower's construction in order to redistribute them to Mantle, with Robyn even going as far as using her immense influence over the city to have the city's producers and manufacturers of the needed materials to refuse to sell or do business to Atlas until Mantle is given aid, effectively freezing the Amity Project and further putting her at odds with Ironwood, who had ordered Robyn to be arrested and captured by the Ace-Ops.

Later in the events of "Cordially Invited" Robyn was invited by Jacques Schnee to his dinner party and private council meeting, for the sole reason to manipulate her to going against Ironwood by using her negative suspicions against him to his advantage, as seen when Robyn was able to keep a barely-controlled angry tone against him that heavily implied that she suspected that he had a direct hand in the massacre and the suspicious outcome of the votes, thus she further demanded that he finally admit and tell not only her but also the people of Mantle the truth regarding his secret project, again expressing her outrage and anger upon learning that the other members of the Atlas Council were just as clueless as she was on anything regarding the Amity Project that further deepened her mistrust of Ironwood.

In "As Above, So Below", Robyn's opinion on Ironwood started to change after she sees the footage provided by Weiss showing Jacques' deal with Arthur Watts. Not only does she realize that Penny Polendina wasn't responsible for the incident in the warehouse, she also begins to get the suspicion that what Ironwood is hiding is more for the people of Remnant rather than himself. She ends up learning all about Salem from him, and in "Out in the Open", Robyn's newfound trust in Ironwood was shown when they publicly revealed the existence of Salem to the populace of Mantle together in order to calm them down and continue the evacuation, using her Semblance on him to prove his statements.

In "With Friends Like These", her opinion of Ironwood, however, became negative again after she learns from Ruby about his plan to abandon Mantle and declaring martial law, claiming his plan to be "inhumane". After she was arrested by Ironwood, he planned to use her and Qrow as leverage to bring Penny back to his side until they managed to escape.

After Ironwood declared his intention to destroy Mantle himself, Robyn was horrified by him and believed that he really would do it. After a talk with Qrow, they both resolved to stop Ironwood from destroying Mantle.

Following the destruction of Atlas, it is currently unknown if Robyn knew that Ironwood was killed when the city crashed.

Jacques Schnee

Robyn's rage and hatred towards Jacques

Although no direct interaction had been shown, Robyn likely had a rivalry with the CEO of the Schnee Dust Company due to him also attempting to become a councilman in the coming election for the Atlas Council.

During the events of "Sparks" and the resulting mass riot of her supporters due to Jacques' declaration of shutting down "non-essential" SDC operations in Atlas, Robyn showed clear disapproval and disgust at the underhanded tactics employed by the SDC CEO and even more dislike for him due to the resulting civilian riots caused by his outrageous actions.

Upon the revelations of Jacques' deal with Arthur Watts and the CEO's true personality in "As Above, So Below", Robyn reacted in surprise at how far off her initial suspicion of Ironwood's involvement in the massacre of her victory party was and with Jacques' involvement revealed. Robyn also displayed anger at the Schnee CEO for his apparent short-sightedness and pettiness of his actions, barely able to stop herself from venting her frustration upon him revealing that he had "only" wanted to win the election, as it further angering Robyn due to his attempts to deflect any involvement with the incident and due to his earlier shameless attempts to capitalize on the tragedy to his own advantage.

Later in "Refuge", After being placed in the same cell block as Jacques with Qrow and Watts, Robyn made a point of venting her frustrations on Jacques and angrily blamed him for their current predicament and expressed increased anger at the CEO's calm, arrogant rebuttals to her accusation and statements on how he knew all the "right" people and he would be released in no time. Robyn also called him out on his partnership with Watts and calls him a "snake with a mustache".

Robyn in particular would take offense at Jacques' accusations at Qrow for killing Clover and defended her fellow huntsman.

After Cinder Fall destroyed their cells and have them the chance to escape, both Qrow and Robyn left Jacques behind due to his crimes and his inability to protect himself. It is currently unknown if Robyn knew that Jacques was killed by Ironwood after he escaped.

Winter Schnee

In "Cordially Invited", when Winter strongly exclaims at Jacques about buying trust during the private dinner at the Schnee Manor, Robyn shows a little impression on the Specialist's words.

Later in "Creation", Winter asked for Robyn and Qrow to help her and Marrow stop Ironwood from bombing Mantle.

Ace Operatives

Clover Ebi

A stand-off between the hero of Mantle and the leader of the Ace-Ops

Robyn had shown a level of familiarity to the Ace-Ops leader and seemed to have a good enough opinion of him to at least hope that he would tell her the truth regarding the secret project Ironwood was diverting all of Atlas' resources to, as seen in "Sparks", Clover, in turn, seemed to harbor a healthy respect for Robyn as a fellow Huntress, but due to her political stance against Ironwood and her own possibly illegal methods in helping Mantle, Clover keeps a good emotional distance from her and to a degree, distrusts her with important Military matters. Despite this Clover nonetheless wished her good luck in her campaign to becoming a councilwoman, showing that despite their different sides and methods, he at least believed her cause to help Mantle to also be righteous.

In "Gravity", after Ruby warned her and the others about Ironwood's plan to abandon Mantle, Robyn looked at Clover in disappointment, seemingly losing all her trust and faith in Clover. In "The Enemy of Trust", despite losing her trust and faith in Clover, she was saddened as she joined Qrow comforting him over the loss of Clover during their arrest.

After Clover's death, Robyn told Qrow that she believed Qrow was the better Huntsman out of the two of them. She stated that it wasn't because he was the one that came out alive, but because he decided to fight for what's right.

Marrow Amin

Robyn displays some familiarity with Marrow, referring to him by the nickname "Wags". Later upon the massacre in her victory party during "A Night Off", Marrow attempted to futilely say that he and the Atlas Military had nothing to do with the tragedy with shock and sorrow as he made his escape with Penny, Ruby, Ren and Nora.

In "Creation", Robyn teams up with Marrow in order to stop the Ace-Ops.

Harriet Bree

As seen in "Fault", Robyn and Harriet have a very hostile relationship due to Robyn's disapproval for Ironwood's plans of extreme self preservation. Robyn herself would personally make her dislike for Harriet known when the latter attempted to harass Qrow due to seeing him having Clover's old pin and believing that he killed him, with Robyn attempting to defend him by offering to use her Semblance on him and getting into a verbal argument with Harriet.

Robyn herself was able to see that Harriet simply wanted someone to let out her anger at and called her out for it, causing further tension between the two that had to be broken up by Marrow.

After Harriet decided to bomb Mantle herself, Robyn worked with Qrow to stop her and manage to talk her out of doing it thanks to the help of her teammates.

Vine Zeki

While not much interaction was seen between them, Robyn was willing to save Vine from falling off a ship despite seeing the Ace-Ops as enemies. She was also disheartened when he sacrificed himself to save Mantle and the others from the bomb in "The Final Word".


Ruby Rose

When Robyn first met Ruby, she referred to her as "pipsqueak" in a teasing manner and continued to do so each time they met, though this appears to be done more in friendly manner. However during the events of "A Night Off", Robyn pushes Ruby away from Fiona after she got injured from Tyrian, believing that Penny was the one to severely injure Fiona and kill several civilians and thereby placed her suspicions on General Ironwood and Ruby by extension, for sabotaging the event and possibly the vote itself, as seen when Robyn directed an angry look at Ruby after pushing her away from Fiona.

Later upon learning the truth from Blake and Yang, it can be assumed that she holds Ruby and her team in a better light as she was willing to do so with Penny.

Blake Belladonna

Robyn first comes into contact with Blake when she intercepts a truck that the latter was hiding on with her partner, Yang. She runs from them and they manage to intercept her and inform her of the truth behind Ironwood's embargo.

Though at first understandably skeptical, Robyn allows Blake the chance to prove herself by way of her Semblance and is surprised to find she's telling the truth. Though she still demands more answers, she takes Blake's words seriously enough to go and question Ironwood in person.

Robyn does not show any discrimination towards Blake for being a Faunus, and this is further highlighted by her not giving her a nickname relating to any obvious personal characteristics, the way she seemingly does with everybody else.

Yang Xiao Long

Robyn first comes into contact with Yang when she intercepts a truck that the latter was hiding on with her partner, Blake. She runs from them and they manage to intercept her and inform her of the truth behind Ironwood's embargo.

Robyn is initially wary of their intentions, but after seeing through her Semblance that they were telling the truth, she reels in somewhat. Though she still responds aggressively when they say they can't go into too much detail as to why Ironwood is hiding the Amity Communication's Project from the public. Yang insists that she needs to show trust as they have by telling her of the project, and they tell her to run before the Ace-Ops arrive.

Yang playfully refers to Robyn's Lie Detection as a "Handy Semblance".

Robyn nicknamed Yang, "Fisticuffs" in reference to her fighting style.


Penny Polendina

The hero of Mantle believes its protector is responsible for the attack.

Robyn originally did not seem to hold Penny in high regard, as she referred to her as the "protector of Mantle" in a sarcastic manner when the two met. In "A Night Off", after the lights go back on, she looked at Penny with shock, fear and anger due to believing that she was the one responsible for the massacre, showing that her initial thoughts on Penny's personality was not bad enough for her to believe she was capable of such brutality.

She later learned that Penny wasn't responsible for the massacre in the warehouse, learning that it was the result of Arthur Watts, Tyrian Callows, and Jacques Schnee.

Qrow Branwen

Robyn comforts Qrow after Clover's death

When meeting Qrow, Robyn playfully referred to him as "5 o'clock shadow" and later worked alongside him and Clover to take down Tyrian Callows in "Gravity".

In "Out in the Open", Qrow along with Clover helps Robyn fight off against Tyrian, after the psychopathic Faunus attacked her in an ambush with the goal of killing her to cause more panic in Mantle. After he, Robyn and Clover managed to defeat Tyrian, both of them gets shocked when Ruby gives them a warning message about Ironwood sacrificing Mantle to Salem and with the two of them glared at Clover in distrust and anger.

In "With Friends Like These", Qrow tried his best to calm both Robyn and Clover down from fighting each other when the leader of the Ace-Ops had orders of arresting him. He told both of them that they can possibly solve this out by getting to Atlas and talk to Ironwood personally. But Robyn was not interested in listening to him and stated to get this over with. During the fight, Tyrian uses the distraction to break free from his seat and crashes the Manta.

At the Manta crash site in the tundra just outside Mantle, Qrow finds Robyn lying among the debris. He sighs in relief when he found her not to be dead but unconscious.

After Qrow and Robyn are arrested in "The Enemy of Trust", Robyn comforts the aggrieved Huntsman as he gazes down at Clover's bloodied emblem. Both Qrow and Robyn being arrested at the very end of Volume 7 was added late in development so they could effectively be "parked" together for most of Volume 8.[1]

"Don't go telling me that's changed."

Later in "Refuge", upon being put in the same cell block as Jacques and Watts, Robyn would defend Qrow from Jacques Schnee's accusation of him being a murderer. In "Fault", Robyn would also again defend Qrow from Harriet Bree's accusation of him killing Clover and personally offered to use her Semblance on him to prove Qrow's innocence.

After the two of them escape prison, the two team up to try and stop Ironwood's plan, but Robyn, sensing that Qrow's desire to kill Ironwood is out of personal vendetta. She tries to reel him in, revealing to him that between him and Clover, she considers him the better huntsman for doing the right thing, and she wants him to remember that.

Robyn comforts Qrow after he can't contact his nieces

After this, they both work together to stop Ironwood from destroying Mantle by destroying the AK-200s prepping the bomb and restraining the Ace-Ops with Marrow's help. After Harriet is freed and planned to destroy Mantle herself, Robyn and Qrow worked together to stop her from destroying Mantle. After the Kingdom of Atlas was destroyed, Robyn comforts Qrow after he can't contact his nieces.

While planning Volume 8, there were originally going to be more scenes between Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill. However, their screentime had to be scaled back due to how much needed to happen during the volume.[2]

Tyrian Callows

Robyn currently holds a grudge against Tyrian for attacking her supporters at her rally in "A Night Off".


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