Volume 7[edit | edit source]

Sparks[edit | edit source]

Alright ladies, time to show them our teeth.
—Robyn, to her Happy Huntresses
Clover, I’m so glad you’re here. Maybe you can help me understand why this truck that’s supposed to be taking construction materials to fix Mantle’s outer wall is on its way to the middle of nowhere? Are you lost?
—Robyn, to Clover Ebi
I was hoping you’d play it straight with me. What’s Ironwood doing with Amity at the old SDC mine?
—Robyn, questioning Clover about Ironwood's purpose on creating Amity
The next Vytal Festival isn’t anytime soon. Only automated drones and a few select Atlas scientists are allowed out here. And Amity’s getting invaluable resources we need in Mantle to protect against Grimm. Seems like more than just a check-up.
—Robyn, to Clover
We can’t fix the wall without the supplies on these trucks. I think Mantle deserves to know what they’re being used for. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Just tell me.
—Robyn, to Clover
How ‘bout you, pipsqueak? Five o’ clock shadow? Either of you want to tell me why Mantle’s being put at risk for Ironwood’s pet project?
—Robyn, to Ruby Rose and Qrow Branwen
I want to know why Amity Colosseum is suddenly so important. Whatever it takes.
—Robyn, to the Happy Huntresses after Clover and co. left

A Night Off[edit | edit source]

I don’t condone rioting, especially when our city is being denied aid for the hardships we’ve already had to go through, but Jacques Schnee’s latest stunt is holding the city hostage for his own political gain. So I understand their anger, but ask that they show it not in the streets but at the polls today.
—Robyn, during her interview
What’s going on here, Wags? Oh, and the pipsqueak is back.
—Robyn, to Marrow Amin while noticing Ruby attending the party
If I get elected tonight, we’ll all have to learn how to get along.
—Robyn, to Marrow and her Happy Huntresses
The law isn’t perfect, you know. It’s certainly not equal.
—Robyn, to Marrow
My only goal is that all the citizens of Mantle and Atlas -- and Faunus -- have an equal shot at a good life.
—Robyn, to Marrow
Everything I’ve done is legal.
—Robyn, to Marrow
I’ve never been much for public speaking, probably wasn’t my best idea ever to go into politics. Thank you so much, everyone, for choosing me. You said you believe in me. But I’m the one who believes in all of you. You’ve proven to me that as individuals, we are strong. But together, we’re unstoppable. So no matter what happens tonight, win or lose, we will continue to fight for our city, because it is this city that brings us together.
—Robyn, to her supporters

Worst Case Scenario[edit | edit source]

If Ironwood wants me, he’ll have to send more than a couple of kids.
You said time is short. Either take it, or I’m gone.
—Robyn, to Blake and Yang
You’re telling the truth.
—Robyn, after Blake informed her about the communications tower in the tundra
I won’t stop until I know the whole truth.
—Robyn, to Yang before she escapes

Cordially Invited[edit | edit source]

Councilwoman Hill would have had a nice ring to it. Though I suppose I should just be grateful I got invited to the table.
—Robyn, during the private dinner with the General and the Council at the Schnee Manor
The rest of the world? It’s hurting us. The people of Atlas are suffering and they want to know why.
—Robyn, about the current situtation of Atlas

As Above, So Below[edit | edit source]

I’m not quite done yet. You’re afraid of something, General. Aren’t you?
—Robyn, confronting Ironwood
Yet, you don’t trust your own Council to help you? Operating in secret? These are the actions of somebody who’s hiding something.
—Robny, to Ironwood
Let’s put it to the test then. You’re all aware of my Semblance. Let’s settle it here and now, General Ironwood.
—Robyn, to Ironwood
The people that died that night, their blood is on your hands.
—Robyn, to Jacques about the victims at the election night incident
Okay, so let me get this straight. Yep, still here everyone. How do a disgraced scientist and disappeared serial killer find each other, General? Why would they target you? And why are you working so hard to hide the Amity Communications Tower from them?
—Robny, to Ironwood about Tyrian and Watts working together and the Amity Communications Tower
I used to think you were hiding something to protect yourself. But I can tell there’s something much bigger going on here. Now I think it’s to protect something else. Us… Atlas, maybe even all of Remnant. And you’re afraid of what might happen if you tell the truth.
—Robyn, to Ironwood and his reason why he couldn't tell her and the others the truth

Gravity[edit | edit source]

Where’s that smile now?
—Robyn, to Tyrian

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

Refuge[edit | edit source]

This is your fault, you’ve realized that, don’t you? All I wanted was to bring people together, to give them a chance at a better life. But you…
—Robyn, to Jacques
He didn’t kill anybody…
—Robyn, about Qrow
And I’m not gonna stand here and be lectured by some snake with a mustache who helped “that man” tear us all apart! Speaking of “that man”...
—Robyn, to Jacques about Watts
—Robyn, interrupting Jacques
I hate not being able to do anything…
—Robyn, about her current situation

About Robyn[edit | edit source]

Robyn! Well, if it isn’t Mantle’s home town hero.
—Clover, to Robyn
It seems election night was the last push Robyn needed to go from hometown hero to full-on vigilante.
—Clover, about Robyn
Robyn Hill. For such a little bird, you have quite the impact around here!
—Tyrian, to Robyn
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