All I wanted was to bring people together, to give them a chance at a better life.
—Robyn Hill, to Jacques Schnee

Robyn Hill[3] is a former Mantle politician, Atlas Academy graduate and leader of the Happy Huntresses. She was first seen on political advertisements in "The Greatest Kingdom" and debuted in "Sparks".


Robyn is a young woman with tanned skin and violet eyes. Her light-blond hair is tied in a ponytail. She has a beauty mark under her right eye and another one on the left side under her mouth.

Robyn wears a black sleeveless coat with gray accents over a red double-breasted sleeveless vest, a brown high neck shirt, and a light gray short-sleeved shirt with one right short sleeve that has a black cuff whilst the other sleeve is longer. She also wears a brown belted waist clincher with matching brown pants tucked into black knee-high boots with dark brown cuffs. Around her neck she wears an olive green scarf with tattered looking tails hanging behind her. She also wears a pair of black archery styled gloves with the index finger missing on both of them.

She wields her weapon, a crossbow, on her left arm.


Robyn has a direct and confident personality, having no trouble being confrontational with Atlas personnel, including the Ace Operatives. Despite this however, Robyn has shown she tries to be reasonable about things. She tries to negotiate and get the truth from Clover Ebi before the raid on the trucks she was planning. She is also shown telling the Happy Huntresses at her celebration that if she won the election they would need to learn to get along with James Ironwood and Atlas.

She is willing to listen to what others have to say and given her Semblance's ability to tell if somebody is lying, she's aware of the need to give people the chance to explain themselves.

Above all, Robyn is extremely dedicated to Mantle and its people and is a true good natured idealist, wanting to genuinely help the people of Mantle simply because she truly wants to give everyone there a fair shot at a good life. To that end, she is willing to use both legal and illegal means to accomplish this goal. Additionally, as expected, she shows no discrimination towards either Humans or Faunus. Robyn is shown to have a humorous side, with a habit of giving people nicknames based on their physical traits or appearance.

However she also has a rather impulsive side to her personality. In "With Friends Like These", upon hearing that Ironwood is planning to abandon Mantle and arrest those against him, she started a fight between herself, Clover, and Qrow Branwen onboard a Manta with Tyrian Callows in custody. Despite the fact that not only was there was no order for her arrest, but it led to Tyrian breaking free and crashing the Manta, which caused her to become unconscious.

After she and Qrow are arrested by Ironwood, she shows a different side of her personality. She reveals that she knows what Qrow feels like due to also having similar experience with her own Semblance causing people to shun her out of fear of their secrets being revealed by it. She also defends Qrow from Jacques's and later Harriet's accusations of him being a murderer since she knows he wasn't completely to blame for Clover's death and attempted to comfort him due to his guilt over feeling responsible for his death.

Robyn also believes that the people are what makes a Kingdom, not the infrastructure or land. She also is willing to save even those she considered her enemies, such as Vine Zeki when she saw him nearly fall off a ship and went back to save him.

Powers and Abilities

In terms of overall abilities, it is implied she is a capable fighter. Forest mentions that she, along with the other Happy Huntresses, are top graduates from the Atlas Academy. Robyn later demonstrated her combat skills when she battled both Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long on even ground despite being outnumbered. However, her skill is overshadowed by other Huntsmen such as Clover, as shown in "With Friends Like These".

Robyn primarily plays a supportive role in combat, as seen in "Gravity", where she fights alongside Qrow and Clover against Tyrian Callows, a well-known assassin who has killed countless Huntsmen. During the encounter, Robyn primarily stays far away from Tyrian, attempting to strike him with her crossbow's bolts.

However when pushed into close combat, she has enough experience to fend of her attackers, such as using the fans of her crossbow to make quick slashes and jabs at her target.

Robyn also appears to be a very successful politician, amassing a large amount of support in Mantle and being depicted as a savior and hero to the city.

Additionally, Robyn's Aura levels are also high and strong enough to protect herself from something as severe as a plane crash and later was able to shield her from the severe cold of the Tundra despite being unconscious.


Main article: Robyn's Crossbow

Robyn's weapon of choice is her Crossbow, which is shaped like a bird and shoots explosive arrows; its' blade-tipped wings can be extended and used as either a war fan or a shield.


Main article: Lie Detection

Robyn asking Blake a question.

Robyn's Semblance, Lie Detection, allows her to see if a person is telling the truth or a lie. In order for this to work, she must grasp the other person's hand. Their hands will be coated in pale lilac Aura. She will then ask a question, and if the other person is telling the truth, the Aura will turn light green. This was demonstrated in "Worst Case Scenario", where she used her Semblance to determine if Blake was telling the truth about the Amity Project.

It was also shown in "Out in the Open", where she held hands with Ironwood as he spoke to the people of Mantle about Salem.



  • Robyn Hill alludes to Robin Hood, a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore.[4]Some resemblances include:
    • Her given name, Robyn, is a feminized version of Robin.
    • She fights for the poor against the rich.
    • She's primarily clad in green, like many popular depictions of Robin Hood.
    • Her Happy Huntresses are a reference to Robin Hood's Merry Men.
    • In battle, she uses a crossbow while Robin Hood used a bow.
    • Her emblem is that of a robin. Her crossbow is also bird-shaped.

Color Naming Rule

  • Robyn is a variation on Robin, the diminutive name/nickname of Robert, which means "bright".
    • Robyn can also refer to the species of birds known as robins, most of which are known for their red-orange chest feathering. Her crossbow is also designed to look like a bird.
      • In terms of symbolism, robins are typically viewed as signs of new beginnings, bright futures, hope, spring and even good luck, fitting given her desire to bring about change in Mantle.
    • Robyn may also refer to the color robin egg blue, also called eggshell blue, a shade of cyan.
  • A hill is an elevated landform and brings to mind green due to grass and plants.


  • Robyn originally wasn't going to make her debut until "A Night Off" during the election rally, but the crew decided to introduce her in "Sparks" to put her faction and Ironwood's faction at odds earlier.[5]
  • In the original Volume 7 outline, Robyn was slated to be the mayor of Mantle. This role was cut as an electoral candidate instead.[6]
  • She has a habit of giving people nicknames:
  • Both Qrow and Robyn being arrested at the very end of Volume 7 was added late in development so they could effectively be "parked" together for most of Volume 8.[7]
  • While planning Volume 8, there were originally going to be more scenes between Qrow Branwen and Robyn Hill. However, their screentime had to be scaled back due to how much needed to happen during the volume.[8]


  • Robyn's model is the first female character in the show where the crew used the male base head instead of the female base head. The reason was that the male head matched better with the proportions of the concept.[9]


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