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Robyn's Crossbow is Robyn Hill's weapon of choice.


V7e7 crossbow bolts

Bolts fired by the Crossbow.

Robyn's weapon is an arm-mounted crossbow resembling a bird. It is capable of folding out into a wing-like shield.

Robyn mounts her weapon on her left arm, indicating her left-handedness.

The crossbow bolts are stored at the back of the weapon, resembling a bird tail. The bolts are telescopic, able to fold in on themselves for storage. The bolts are slow and fragile, as Tyrian Callows was easily able to bend one in half, and catch another with his teeth.

The Crossbow has shown to be able to fire up to three crossbow bolts simultaneously. Some bolts are explosive, through the use of Dust.


  • It resembles a bird, likely referencing her name.

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