Looks like Bianca was right about those new Huntresses.
—Roane, about Team RWBY

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Roane is a member of Team BRIR, introduced in "RWBY: Arrowfell".


Roane is a dark skinned girl with red hair and matching crimson eyes.

She styles her hair, evenly center parting her straightened crimson bangs, with large, twin dreadlocked pigtails tied together at the back with gold spiked ring headbands. She wears a white strapless leotard with a red triangle that exposes the majority of her arms, cleavage, and part of her hips, as they are underneath black shorts adorned with gold spikes at the sides. She also sports a black spiked collar with matching black spiked underarm pauldrons and long black gloves with large gold cylindrical cuffs. Her tank that holds the ammunition for her wrist cannon is fastened horizontally by a belt and studded leather straps on her waist attached onto a hardpoint to mount her tank on.

Completing her ensemble is a pair of dark black trapezoidal sunglasses and dark rouge lipstick.

Like the rest of her team she has golden spikes in her design, having them on the sides of her pants and shoulder plates.




She alongside her team all hail from outside of Atlas. They traveled to Atlas and are involved in an as of yet unknown mission.

Powers and Abilities



Her weapon seems to be a large, crimson wrist cannon with a hose connecting it to her backpack that mounts a chemical tank, presumably firing a form of gas, liquid or powder.


  • Roane means red-haired
  • The team has matching tattoos and thorn ornaments.[1] Roane has ornaments on her hairbands, armbands, and leg pieces.


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