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Rhodes vs. Cinder "Midnight" Killed


First meeting Cinder.

Rhodes was an Atlesian Huntsman operating within the City of Atlas. During his time, he would frequently stop by the Glass Unicorn. At one point, Rhodes caught a young Cinder Fall take a tumble while carrying a tray, taking note of the Madame's fury at her and the cruel amusement her daughters took at her mistake. He looked away, guilty at not having done anything to help the girl. Sometime later that day, while frustrated at her failure , Cinder noticed the Huntsman's sword as she cleaned the floors. When Cinder's stepsisters tormented her and she exploded in anger, Rhodes was present to see her discover her Semblance.

That night, Cinder snuck away with Rhodes' weapon, tired of the mistreatment, only to be found by Rhodes, who convinced her not to hurt Madame and the step sisters. Rhodes offered her the opportunity to be train with him to be a Huntress, asking her to wait seven more years until she could be free.

A few years went by, with Rhodes coming and going from the hotel and Cinder continuing to do her work and enduring being electrocuted by Madame for even the smallest of things. Whenever Rhodes was at the hotel, he would train Cinder in hand-to-hand and dual wielding at night. Eventually, with a few years left until she would turn seventeen and join a Huntsman Academy, Rhodes gave one of his swords to Cinder.


Killed by his former pupil.

Late one night, the step sisters discovered Cinder's sword and reported it to Madame. Around fifteen minutes later, Rhodes arrived at the hotel, heard a noise in the storage room that served as Cinder's bedroom, and discovered that Cinder had murdered the step sisters and was strangling Madame to death. Although Madame continuously electrocuted her, Cinder persisted, and upon Madame's death, she turned to Rhodes with a broken smile. Rhodes drew his dual maces, telling Cinder she'd be running for the rest of her life now, and Cinder, feeling betrayed, fought back, ultimately killing him.

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