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Rhodes' Weapons (unofficial) are a pair of maces and swords first seen in "Midnight". After Rhodes' death, the swords are taken by a young Cinder Fall. It is unknown what happened to them after.


Rhodes' weapons are two sets of weapons; a set of dual maces and a set of dual short swords, with Rhodes using a dual weapon fighting style.

Firing Mode

The two maces are shown to also double as long range guns, with having the function of blasting flames using Fire Dust.


Rhodes frequented the Glass Unicorn and openly carried his maces and swords. This attracted the attention of Cinder, who became enamored by the blades and stole the one of the swords in order to use against her abusers. She was quickly found out by Rhodes, who despite stating he meant no harm to her and dropped his maces, Cinder still tried attacking him by picking one of them up. However he saw something in her and decided to train her in secret until she was old enough to enter into a Huntsman Academy in order to free her.

Through years of training her in secret, Rhodes eventually thought that Cinder's skill level was sufficiently ready, he gifted her with one of his swords as a gift. However the blade was soon found by Cinder's stepsisters, who proceeded to tell their mother, the three then proceeded to confront her.

Although unknown what exactly happened, after a full 15 minutes, Cinder had apparently already killed both of her stepsisters presumably using her sword before slowly choking her step mother to death.

Fight between Rhodes and Cinder

Rhodes having come back to the Glass Unicorn, soon discovered the grisly scene just as Cinder snapped her stepmother's neck, killing her. Disappointed and bound by his duty as a Huntsman, Rhodes proceeded to fight against Cinder and stop her and bring her in for her murders, drawing both of his Maces for their battle. Cinder enraged at Rhodes having betrayed her trust, attacked and entered into battle using her gifted short sword.

During the battle, Cinder successfully obtained both pairs of the swords in order to even out the playing field between her and Rhodes. Cinder then proceeded to overpower and break Rhodes's Aura before he knocked her down and break her as well, seeing how badly he had hurt her, Rhodes dropped his maces and approached Cinder to see if she was alright, while off guard, Cinder proceeded to kill Rhodes using both swords and taking them for herself as her own weapons.


It is currently unknown what has become of the weapons after Rhodes's death. With Cinder having soon obtained and began using Midnight, some time after leaving the Glass Unicorn.

Cinder used her sword skills with her main weapon Midnight, which was also twin swords. After replacing Midnight with weapons made out of Maiden Magic she summoned a sword that closely resembled Rhodes' swords.