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Ren's Dagger is Lie Ren's secondary weapon that was passed down to him from his father Li Ren when the Nuckelavee attacked Kuroyuri.


The dagger is small and curved, with a dark green handle and a red grip. It has a very specific silhouette that Ren incorporated into his own weapons Stormflower.


The dagger was used by the hunter Li Ren. When he got injured in the Grimm attack on Kuroyuri, he rescued his son from their collapsed house and gave him the dagger to protect himself before being confronted by the Nuckelavee.

When constructing his weapons, Ren took inspiration from his father's blade.

During the travels through Anima, he carried the dagger in his boot. When faced with the monster that took his parents Ren decided to use the dagger to deliver the finishing blow to the Grimm.

When they arrived at Atlas, Ren started carrying the dagger in a sheath on his shoulder.


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