Yang Xiao Long, prepare your kingdom for battle!
—Ruby Rose

Remnant: The Game is a board game in Remnant with the objective of conquering the world.

Team RWBY is seen playing the game in "Welcome to Beacon".


Remnant: The Game

The objective of the game is to conquer Remnant by successfully acquiring control of all four kingdoms on the board map. Starting with one region, a player navigates, attacks and defends against other players who control one or more other regions on the board, using various strategic card-based actions.

Each player controls and defends a wall, which protects their respective regions, and a conglomerate army for invading other players' walls. Players also receive specific enhancements based on the area(s) of Remnant they control or their "Class".

Known Pieces

The pieces in the game include, but may not be limited to: Ursai, Beowolves, Nevermores and Arma Gigas Other terms mentioned but not shown to be actual pieces include "Fearless Soldiers" of the Atlas army, mentioned as likely being mostly androids, and "Vacuo Warriors". Vacuo pieces have an endurance boost when fighting in natural hazards, like Sandstorm, which combined together allows them to infiltrate an enemy kingdom.

Known Cards

  • Atlesian Air Fleet: The player gets to move past the enemy's ground forces and attack his/her wall directly.
  • Desert Scavenge: Allows the player to go through the discard deck (possibly recently discarded) and reuse the cards.
  • Giant Nevermore: When this trap card is played, the player rolls his/her dice. Fatal Feathers will destroy half of the enemy's fleet with a roll of 7 or higher or half of the player's fleet with a roll of 6 or lower.
  • Resourceful Raider: The player adds one of the enemy's discards to their hand.
  • Sandstorm: Disables the enemy's ground forces.
  • Smugglers of Wind Path: The player takes 2 cards from the enemy's hand.

Region Effects

  • Atlas: Because the territory of Atlas includes Mantle, the repair time of the player is one turn.
  • Mistral Trade Route: When a player owns this region, the rewards from a victory are doubled.
  • Vacuo: Cards that are Vacuo based get an additional bonus.


  • While in the Google Play description of RWBY: Amity Arena, it is called "very similar to Remnant: The Game", the actual game bears little resemblance to the actual game, instead being a tower defense game.
  • The game appears to be a parody of the real-life board game Risk by Parker Brothers, except with the inclusion of card-based actions.
    • The use of "Trap" and "Monster" cards could be another reference to the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise.

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