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The Relic of Creation is one of the four Relics created by the God of Light.[1] It has the power to summon Ambrosius, who can create anything. It is commonly referred to as the Staff.

As of "The Final Word", it is currently held by Salem.


The Relic takes the shape of a golden ornamented staff with a blue spearhead-shaped crystal on top. It also features a smaller crystal on the bottom. It can be compressed for easier carry.


The Relic of Creation has the ability to summon Ambrosius, who can create anything the user desires. However, the user must be thoroughly detailed, as Ambrosius will give the user exactly what they state. One way to prevent any mistakes from occuring is by using blueprints or schematics.[2] When summoned, time stops around Ambrosius and the user.

The only rules to the Staff are that he is forbidden from resurrecting the dead and cannot destroy. Also, he can only be used for one task at a time, as the previous creation will be destroyed the moment a new one is created.

Despite needing to be detailed, if the user presents Ambrosius with genuine creativity he is much more lenient regarding his rules, even allowing them to "cheat" around it in order to achieve what they desire.[3]

Although Ambrosius is forbidden from destroying anything directly, he is capable of creating destructive things when requested of it, such as endless flames.

When brought together with the other Relics, it has the power to summon The Gods.

User Episode Request(s) Result(s)
Ozma Pre-RWBY
  • Create a floating city.
  • Generated limitless energy to raise and maintain Atlas in the air.
Team RWBY "Creation"
  • Create a new Penny Polendina using her existing robot parts.
  • Summon doors to everyone in Atlas that open at a single location in Vacuo.
  • An exact copy of Penny is made which, as a side effect, makes her a new Human body.
  • Portals appear to everyone in Atlas and Mantle, using a dimension similar to the Vaults as a central location, which then allows them to exit to Vacuo.
Cinder Fall "The Final Word"
  • Generate endless fire.
  • Added more fuel to the fires of Atlas as a means to keep it burning.



Before departing from Remnant, the God of Light created the Relics as a means to summon The Gods back to the world. They stand as a physical representation of their four gifts to Humanity.

Hidden in Atlas

Prior to the start of the series, the Relic was used by Ozma to raise the city of Atlas in the air, to give the people a beacon of hope. It was later hidden in the Atlas Vault under Atlas Academy where it was kept. To keep the Relic a secret, it was stated that Atlas was held by Gravity Dust.

After learning that Salem was on her way to Atlas, James Ironwood intended on using the Relic to raise the city into the atmosphere, keeping the Staff, the Lamp, and the Maiden away from her grasp. However, he was prevented from doing so when Penny Polendina became the new Winter Maiden and fled with Ruby's Group.

Evacuation Plan

Later, in order to evacuate the citizens of Mantle and Atlas and escape from both Ironwood and Salem, they used Penny to unlock the Atlas Vault and access the Staff to summon Ambrosius. After asking the first task of creating a new version of Penny using her existing robot parts, Team RWBY explains to Ambrosius that they would like him to create portals throughout Atlas and Mantle that will all lead into a pocket dimension similar to the Vault as well as using the schematics of the Snowshoe Shipping facility and it's connecting tubes to Atlas as a reference. From there, everyone will be able to travel to a singular portal that opens into Vacuo. With the logistics explained and maps presented to him, Ambrosius makes it so, and just before they enter the portal near them, he warns, “Do not fall”.

During the evacuation, Cinder Fall infiltrates the refuges and starts attacking them with Neopolitan. After a long fight in the central location, she manages to retrieve the Staff as well as the Lamp, before escaping through the portal to the Atlas Vault. When Salem arrives, she hands both Relics to her while stating she made the portals vanish by asking for the creation of endless flames upon Atlas.



Atlas Symbol

  • The symbol of each Kingdom appears to correspond to the Relic hidden at its Huntsman Academy. The Relic of Creation takes the form of a staff and was situated in Atlas, whose insignia was a staff surrounded by a stylized cog.
  • Although there are rules to the Relics, they are not hardcoded. So long as you follow the intent, even if its not the letter, they will still give you what you want.[4]
  • When initially writing for the Volume, although they knew what the Staff did, the writers did not have the specific rules for it until much later.[5]


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