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The Relic of Choice is one of the four Relics given to Humanity by The Gods.


The Relic takes the shape of an ornate crown.


The Relic of Choice's powers are currently unknown.



The Relics were created by the God of Light and God of Darkness, as a physical representation of their four gifts to Humanity.

Hidden in BeaconEdit

Prior to the start of the series, the Relic was hidden in the Beacon Vault under Beacon Academy by Ozma where it is kept. Even after Beacon was destroyed, it has yet to be found.


  • The symbol of each Kingdom appears to correspond to the Relic hidden at its Huntsman Academy. The Relic of Choice takes the form of a crown and was situated in Vale, whose insignia forms a stylized crown.
  • RWBY: Fairy Tails of Remnant story The Indecisive King, also known as The King, the Crown, and the Widow, describes a crown with the ability to give its user visions of the future.[1] Any relation between this story and the Relic of Choice is as of yet unconfirmed.



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