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Reese's Hoverboard is Reese Chloris' signature weapon. It is a hybrid between a hoverboard and twin revolvers with bayonets. Reese is first seen wielding it in "Round One".


The overall look of the weapon presents a sleek, high-tech design, filled with green designs.

Guns Edit

In its gun form, consisting of a pair of revolvers with bayonets, it shoots green Dust projectiles.

Hoverboard Edit

It also doubles as a mode of transportation, with Reese able to move around on the Hoverboard.

In combat, not only is Reese able to use it as a bludgeon, she can also use it as a shield, assuming she is not traveling the battlegrounds on it.

The Hoverboard can also incorporate some different types of Dust into its mechanism to add specific elemental effects. The default green color of the Hoverboard's internal glow and muzzle flash could indicate that it uses wind or air Dust, which is known to be green.[1]

The Hoverboard is also seen being infused with orange Dust, after which its designs turn red, it can glow orange and it is capable of creating fiery blasts and heat. Reese uses this Dust to melt the ice encasing Nadir's legs and to break the guard of Blake Belladonna.

In "Heroes and Monsters", the Hoverboard is infused with ice Dust, which she uses to freeze the leg of an Atlesian Paladin.

In RWBY: Before the Dawn, the Hoverboard is shown to be able to remotely return to Reese without a rider.


  • The gun form of the weapon resembles the Spiker from the Halo series.



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