You won't find it, because Vernal isn't the Spring Maiden... I am!!.
—Raven, revealing herself as the Spring Maiden

"Raven vs. Cinder" is a battle that took place during the Battle of Haven at Haven Academy across the episodes "Vault of the Spring Maiden", and "Downfall".

Preceding EventsEdit

Cinder and her associates express disbelief that Ozpin is already back, but she has Lionheart open the Vault so that she, Raven, and Vernal may enter.

In the Vault of the Spring Maiden, Vernal prepares to open the locked door to the Relic of Knowledge. As Cinder mocks Raven, she uses magic to freeze her solid before fatally impaling Vernal with her newly-revealed Grimm arm with the intent of draining her powers. Cinder's smug satisfaction rapidly turns to confusion once she realizes that Vernal has no Maiden power to drain. Breaking out of the ice, Raven unmasks herself, eyes flickering with red fire, and declares herself to be the true Spring Maiden.

The FightEdit

In the Vault, Cinder mocks Raven before the latter immediately charges her by firing her sword and catching it while doing so. In response, Cinder flies upwards and conjures a sword to defend herself. Both maidens crash into the stone surrounding the vault and lock blades. Not bothered at all, Cinder decides to crash Raven into the floor leading up to the vault, however, Raven regains her balance after crashing through a few flips and charges at Cinder again. Following that both maidens clash with their swords in a short spar before Raven manages to break Cinder's sword alongside her own blade, lodging a fragment of the former's into her shadow hand. Seeing this, Raven comments on the inability of the arm to be coated in Aura and Cinder's lack of humanity to which Cinder points out Raven's own predicament while both pause their fight.

The battle shortly resumes and they attack each other again, with Cinder conjuring another sword and Raven equipping a yellow blade. The fight intensifies as both combatants dash across the floor while they are exchanging blows and eventually break their weapons again, causing a flare to fly up and Cinder to land atop a rock. Cinder then conjures two swords and charges Raven. As they throw everything at each other, their blades break and their fight takes to the air until they suddenly switch weapons, accumulate debris and exchange blows until they switch again.

Using that debris, they both conjure massive swords and lock blades. The resulting force sends massive tremors that reach all the way to the main hall of Haven.

Eventually, both are forced back and Cinder sends her Grimm arm through the remaining dust to pin Raven against the elevator door. As the Shadow Hand siphons Raven's maiden powers, she notices that the stalactites above them are unstable and freezes the Fall Maiden in place before they fall on her. The two of them engage in combat atop the falling rocks, which ends up in both of their Auras being heavily damaged but not yet depleted. As Raven throws Cinder's insults back at her, Vernal shoots and distracts Cinder in her final moments. Raven takes the opportunity to hit Cinder with a decisive blow that shatters her face mask. As the impact knocks Cinder off the Vault, Raven freezes her in midair before allowing her to fall into the abyss.


Raven thanks Vernal for her service, closes her eyes and opens the door to the Relic. However, as she is about to step in, Yang arrives and confronts her.

Cinder remains frozen in a body of water beneath the Vault until regaining consciousness and dragging herself out of the water and into the slums of Mistral.

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