Ravagers are small, bat-like Creatures of Grimm that first appear in RWBY: After the Fall, where they are encountered by Team CFVY


Ravagers have a strong resemblance to bats. Typical to the Grimm, they have bone-like masks with red markings on them, as well as spikes protruding from their backs, and a bone-like ribcage over their pitch black fur. Additionally, they also have large fangs that interlock over their jaws. Ravagers have red wings that are described as leathery in texture and are considered to be uglier than Nevermores


Ravagers were one of the species of Grimm that invaded and ravaged the settlement of Gossan. During their travels in Vacuo, Team CFVY was stalked and harassed by a colony of Ravagers, eventually slaying them all in Feldspar. Other colonies of the Grimm followed the Huntsmen-in-training but did not attack them. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In After the Fall, Ravagers are shown to bite and claw at opponents in large swarms. RWBY: Amity Arena notes that these Grimm are faster flyers than Nevermores or Griffons.


  • The Ravagers' design was first revealed in RWBY: Amity Arena.
  • Full sized Ravagers were described as "fruit bats with swords for claws".[1]
  • RWBY: Amity Arena Card Bio
    • The Ravager Grimm are terrors in the desert sky. They may not be as big as Nevermores or as strong as the Griffons, but they are quicker and make up for strength in numbers and viciousness. Even the tiniest Ravagers can tear you to shreds if there are enough of them.


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