This is a list of inconsistencies in RWBY Chibi.

Season 1

Sissy Fight

  1. Animation - Just before Ruby Rose's card house topples, the topmost card changes from a six of diamonds to an ace of spades. It changes back to a six of diamonds shortly after.

Prank Wars

  1. Animations - While Jaune Arc tries out Team RWBY's weapons, he uses Ember Celica, but when the scene cuts to Team RWBY, Yang Xiao Long is shown to be wearing them.

Magnetic Personality

  1. Text - Kerry Shawcross' name is misspelled as "Kerry Shawecross".

Love Triangle

  1. Text - Yang Xiao Long is listed in the credits of the episode, even though she didn't appear in the episode itself.

Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Text - Ryan Haywood's name is misspelled as "Ryan Heywood". (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  2. Animation - In "Little Red Riding Hood" Blake Belladonna hangs from above with the help of a rope tied to her waist, but after the camera switches to Zwei and back to the stage, Blake has already fallen with the rope nowhere to be seen. Also, the stage background is slightly moved to the left.

Evil Plans

  1. Animation - The curtains do not appear when Ruby is baking her cake. They appear when Weiss Schnee sets them on fire, leaving them charred black at the ends. But they disappear as Ruby covers her charred cake and reappear in perfect shape in the next shot.

Cinder Who?

  1. Animation - The celebration party disappears when the shot shifts focus onto a bawling Cinder Fall.
  2. Text - "Written By" is misspelled as "Writen By" in the credits.

Season 2


  1. Text - The title of the skit "Cannonball!" is missing an exclamation mark.

A Slip Through Time and Space Pt. 2

  1. Text - Jen Brown is not credited for her appearance as Pyrrha.

Season 3

Grimm Passengers

  1. Text - Lindsay Jones is not credited for their appearance as Ruby.

In The Clutches of Evil

  1. Animation - When Neo turns on the Torchwick Trap-O-Matic, Jaune's legs are not bound. During the next shot, his ankles are tied together.

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