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There are a range of various books, light novels and official material books based on the RWBY series.


RWBY: The Session

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On May 17th, 2017 Gagaga Bunko's Twitter account announced a light novel called RWBY: The Session that would be released on July 19th, 2017.[1] The name of the artist in charge of the novel is Suzuhito Yasuda.[2] RWBY: The Session features original side stories set during Volumes 1 and 2 not present in the main show.[3]

RWBY: After the Fall

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On August 3rd, 2018 at RTX 2018 it was announced that Scholastic would release a young adult novel called RWBY: After the Fall, released in June 25th, 2019. The story would mainly focus on Team CFVY after the Fall of Beacon. The series was written by E.C. Myers with consultation from RWBY head writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna.[4]

RWBY: Before the Dawn

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On July 5th, 2019, RWBY: Before the Dawn was announced as a sequel to After the Fall. The series is written by E.C. Myers with consultation from RWBY head writers Kerry Shawcross and Miles Luna.[5] The book was released on July 21st, 2020.[6]

RWBY: Roman Holiday

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RWBY: Roman Holiday is a RWBY novel published by Scholastic featuring Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan. It will be released on September 7th, 2021. While authored by E. C. Myers, the book is not a continuation of the previous novels Myers authored. A preview of the book was released on August 5th, detailing the chapter names and first two chapters of the book.

The World of RWBY: The Official Companion

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On January 31st 2019, It was announced on Viz Media that an official material book called The World of RWBY: The Official Companion would include a behind-the-scenes guide to the acclaimed animated series features artwork, exclusive commentary from RoosterTeeth, and in-depth interviews with the writers, animators and voice artists. It released on October 8th, 2019.[7]

RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant

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RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant is a book featuring original fairy tales from the world of Remnant. It was published by Scholastic and written by E.C. Myers, with illustrations by Violet Tobacco and book design by Betsy Peterschmidt. It was released on September 15th, 2020.