Team RWBY has been separated since the fall of Beacon. Their journeys apart have made them stronger, but will the team ever be able to find their way back to each other?

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RWBY #7 is the seventh and final of seven issues of the comic series RWBY. It was released digitally starting on February 26th, 2020, and was released in print on April 8th, 2020.[3]


Chapter 13: Weiss: Part Three: The CageEdit

Weiss tries to escape from Schnee Manor, but Willow isn't willing to just let her daughter run off again![1]
—DC Comics
Before Weiss leaves Atlas, she decides to free Willow's "pets" and the other Faunus workers who were working hard for her family company until her mother shows up. Desperate and feeling betrayed, Willow will tries to keep Weiss from leaving Atlas. This is a battle between mother and daughter.

Chapter 14: Epilogue: The AnthemEdit

The recap of all Team RWBY's adventures since their separation from the Fall of Beacon. The final chapter ends with Team RWBY reunited again in the near future.


Original CharactersEdit

Changes from the ShowEdit

Chapter 13: Weiss: Part Three: The CageEdit

  • Weiss does not take the secret passage hidden behind the bookcase inside of the Schnee Manor.
  • Weiss decides to leave the Schnee Manor in the daytime instead in the middle of the night.
  • Weiss was shown wearing a cloak even though she never wore one in the show.
  • Weiss did not bring her Myrtenaster with her during her escape.
  • The Atlas pilot seems to be very different and the cargo ship unlike in the show.

Chapter 14: The AnthemEdit

  • Qrow's collar shirt is white instead of dark gray. He does not wear his torn cape with his outfit.
  • Taiyang's tattoo is green instead of black.
  • Adam's emblem on his jacket has a completely different design.
  • In the show, Sienna only has body tattoo her entire body, but in the comic, she has tattoo markings on her face only.
  • Ozpin's jacket resemble a Beacon uniform blazer instead of his original one.


  • In Chapter 13, even though Weiss doesn't bring Myrtenaster with her to leave, but she can be seen when fighting her mother and after the fight, she doesn't have it with her.


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