Yang's on a mission: locate her mother and get the answers she's been trying to find for years. But a run-in with some pirates might derail her whole plan! Meanwhile, Blake teams up with Sun to protect a caravan of Faunus, but one of the members of the caravan has a dark connection to Blake's time in the White Fang with Adam Taurus!

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RWBY #6 is the sixth of seven issues of the comic series RWBY. It was released digitally starting on January 29th, 2020[1], and was released in print on March 11th, 2020.[3]


Chapter 11: Yang: Part Three The JourneyEdit

Yang sets off on her quest to confront her mother, but when she comes face-to-face with a gang of pirates will she be able to find the strength she seems to have lost?[1]
—DC Comics
After Yang says her goodbyes to Madame Mallari, she sets off to Anima to find her mother. In the middle of the night, Yang encounters pirates called the Picotee Pirates.

Chapter 12: Blake: Part Three The RoseEdit

Blake and Sun help protect a caravan on its journey, but will she falter when she remembers a dark connection to one of the members of the caravan?[2]
—DC Comics
After Blake and Sun took down a three-headed Grimm, they escort some caravans to Menagerie where is safe. Suddenly when one of the Mrs. Celmentine's children mentions about their uncle was killed by the White Fang, Blake remembers the guard from two years ago who was shot by Adam was really Mrs. Clementine's brother.


Original CharactersEdit


  • In Chapter 11, at the end of the chapter, Yang can be seen having normal fingers even though she lost her right arm, but in the last page, she is seen having a prosthetic arm again.
  • In Chapter 12, the panel with Blake and Sun attack the dinosaur Grimm noticeably has their weapons remain uncolored.
  • In one of the pages of Chapter 12, Mrs. Celmentine was briefly seen with Blake's hair and eye color when she told Blake what really happened to her brother. Then in the next page, she is seen with blond hair and green eyes again.


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