Yang Xiao Long is listless after the fall of Beacon. Isolated from her friends and recuperating at home, she'll do anything to distract herself from her pain, but what can helping out around town do for her? Meanwhile, Blake Belladonna reminisces about her relationship with Adam Taurus and the White Fang as she makes her way home![1]

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RWBY #2 is the second of seven issues of the comic series RWBY. It was released digitally on September 25th, 2019[2], and was released in print on November 13th, 2019.[1]


Chapter 3: "Yang: Part One Recovering"Edit

Yang Xiao Long's life drastically changed after the attack on Beacon Academy. Now at home on the Island of Patch, can Yang find a way to piece her life back together and how will helping around town help her?[2]
—DC Comics
Taiyang Xiao Long sends Yang to help Madame Mallari on her farm on Patch.

Chapter 4: "Blake: Part One Intoxication"Edit

On her way home, Blake Belladonna reminisces about her time in the White Fang and her relationship with Adam Taurus, one of the people who attacked Beacon Academy. Was the attack on Beacon Blake's fault?[3]
—DC Comics
As Blake continues her journey to go back home, she recalls her past and how meeting Adam changed her life forever.


Original CharactersEdit

Changes from the ShowEdit

Chapter 3: "Yang: Part One Recovering"Edit

  • Taiyang's eyes are depicted in black instead of blue.
  • Yang's eyes do not turn red after her Semblance is activated.

Chapter 4: "Blake: Part One Intoxication"Edit

  • Ghira and Ilia's both are depicted to have brown eyes in the comics instead of their normal yellow and blue, respectively.
  • Adam's eyes are depicted in red instead of blue on the right, and a gray iris and red sclera on the left.
  • Adam's gloves are depicted in white instead of black with red sigils.
  • The night before Blake leaves Adam in the show takes place in Forever Fall, near Vale. Blake is shown in a flashback in Volume 3 with Adam before she leaves him on the train the next day (shown in the "Black" Trailer). In the comics, Blake is still in Menagerie the night before she leaves Adam.
  • In the show, Blake protects the unconscious Yang from Adam, but in the comics, it is reversed.
    • Yang does not charge at Adam with her Semblance activated and lose her right arm, instead, she protects Blake from Adam as he prepares to cut off her right arm.


  • In one of the pages, the book Yang was holding says "The Man Two Sou", but at the end of the chapter, the title of the book changes to "The Man With Two Souls".
  • At the end of Chapter 1, Blake wore a black cloak as she set sail to Menagerie, but in Chapter 4, she wears a bright red cloak instead.


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