In a world rife with monsters known as Grimm, the prestigious Beacon Academy trains the next generation of hunters and huntresses. Tying in with the hit Rooster Teeth web series RWBY, follow the adventures of team RWBY, comprising bruiser Yang Xiao Long, elegant Weiss Schnee, stealthy Blake Belladonna and courageous leader Ruby Rose, as they protect the world from all manner of Grimm![1]

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RWBY #1 is the first of seven issues of the comic series RWBY. It was published by DC Comics digitally on August 28th, 2019.[2] Its physical release was on October 9th, 2019.[1]


Chapter 1: "Prelude: The Elegy"Edit

Discover the world of Remnant and its wonderous Beacon Academy through the eyes of the incredible huntsmen team, RWBY! Consisting of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long, our intrepid heroes protect their world from monstrous threats known as Grimm![4]
—DC Comics

Ruby Rose introduces Remnant and Team RWBY while giving a recap of the events up to the Fall of Beacon, the splitting of RWBY, and the formation of Team RNJR.

Chapter 2: "Ruby: Part One Stories"Edit

After the attack on Beacon Academy, Ruby Rose has been teamed up with the remaining members of team JNPR, but can she fit into this new team's dynamics?[5]
—DC Comics

Already on Anima, Team RNJR travels through the Forest of Hinoki before running into a swarm of Lancers. As they walk and fight, Ruby remembers a moment from her past around one of her late mother's birthdays.


Major Characters Edit

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Changes from the ShowEdit

Chapter 1: "Prelude: The Elegy"Edit

  • Penny is seen wearing a Beacon uniform even though she never attended Beacon Academy and comes from Atlas.
  • In one of the battles, Weiss uses her full summons in battle even though during her time in Beacon, she can only summon partially.
  • When Ruby thinks about the people she loves and cares about that died during the Battle of Beacon, she thinks about Penny, Pyrrha and Ozpin even though she is not aware of Ozpin's death, since in the show, Qrow only informed her that Ozpin goes missing.
  • Ruby is rendered unconscious at the end of the Battle of Beacon. Afterward, she returns safely to Patch to help her father take care of the unconscious Yang.
    • In the show, Taiyang tells Ruby that Qrow found her unconscious at Beacon and took her home.
    • In the show, Yang regains consciousness before Ruby, but in the comic, it is reversed.
  • In the show, Jacques takes Weiss back home to Atlas, but in the comic, she is seen not only with her father, her mother, and an Atlesian Knight-200.
    • It is unknown if the white-haired woman who accompanies Weiss back to Atlas was Winter or her mother.
  • Blake set sails on a sailboat instead of a ship.
  • Ruby and the remaining of Team JNPR leave Patch in the fall instead in the winter.
    • Taiyang sees Ruby and her friends off to leave Patch even though in the show, he never gets a chance to stop her from leaving.

Chapter 2: "Ruby: Part One Stories"Edit

  • Jaune’s eyes are depicted in gray instead of blue.
  • Qrow's eyes are depicted in reddish brown instead of red.
  • Raven was able to talk in her bird form when she is speaking to Ruby in her childhood. It is unknown if Raven is capable of speaking in her bird form or not in the show since she did not talk in that form in the show.


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