RWBY: The Session is a light novel adaption of RWBY and published by Gagaga Bunko.


The story takes place between Volumes 1 and 2, where Team RWBY and JNPR spend their mid-term vacation at an island resort.[1]

The story begins with Jaune Arc coaxing Lie Ren into attending an exhibit by a company called Starhead Industrial Company with him in order to woo girls. During the exhibit, they run into Team RWBY and a little girl who seems to be affiliated with SIC. The girl proceeds to pilot a mechanical elephant, and Team RWBY is forced to battle it in order to rescue Jaune, who is trapped on it.

Eventually, the elephant is defeated and the girl comes out of its head. As Team RWBY is being thanked for taking down the machine, a security guard calls out the girl's name, Iona Rockshow, and scolds her. Jaune helps her out of the situation. Iona reveals that she is an official from Starhead Industrial Company and gives Jaune several SIC resort tickets.

Ruby Rose receives tickets as well, for stopping the elephant, and she invites the rest of her team to the resort while Jaune does the same with his. Elsewhere, Roman Torchwick is escaping from a deal gone wrong. However, just as he attempts a getaway in an aircraft, it gets shot down.

The next day, the two teams travel to the island. Ruby ponders about how to manage her team, due to Weiss Schnee insisting on training for the Vytal Festival and Yang Xiao Long insisting on kicking back. Later on, they meet Pyrrha Nikos at the ferry.

When the ferry arrives at the resort, Team RWBY notes the myriad of SIC animal-shaped drones working at the harbor.


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  • Chapter 1: The Need for his/their trip
  • Chapter 2: Working/Hanging out on the tropical island
  • Chapter 3: Hunt down/Hunted down
  • Chapter 4: Get into/out of the Cage
  • Epilogue: At our own speed


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