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This is a fairy tale. Born from light. Pitted against darkness burdened by fate. Yes, a tale of four young women.

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RWBY: The Official Manga is a manga adaptation of the American anime web series of the same name written by manga artist Bunta Kinami.[1]


The manga is a direct adaptation of main RWBY series, with the first eight chapters covering episodes from Volume 1 and the subsequent chapters follow Volume 2.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Flashback Characters

Minor Characters

Volume Lists

Volume 1

The first volume of the manga was released in August 19th, 2019. [2]

Chapter Pages Original Release Date
Chapter 1 49 November 19th, 2018[3]
Chapter 2 32 December 17th, 2018[4]
Chapter 3 30 January 20th, 2019[5]
Chapter 4 30 February 26th, 2019[6]
Chapter 5 40 March 26th, 2019[7]

Chapters Not Yet in Tankōbon Format

Chapter Pages Original Release Date
Chapter 6 30 April 23th, 2019[8]
Chapter 7 31 May 28th, 2019[9]
Chapter 8 30 June 25th, 2019[10]
Chapter 9 29 July 23rd, 2019[11]
Chapter 10 29 August 27th, 2019[12]
Chapter 11 26 September 24th, 2019[13]
Chapter 12 October 22nd, 2019


  • The filler episodes such as "The Badge and The Burden", "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2", "Jaunedice", "Jaunedice, Pt.2", "Forever Fall" and "Forever Fall, Pt.2" are removed completely in the manga.
  • The gag characters like RWBY Rex do not appear in the main storyline of the manga.
  • The background characters were shadow silhouettes in Volume 1 of the show, but in the manga, they are no longer shadow silhouettes and they have their own appearances.
  • Most of the characters' personalities have some minor changes in the manga. For an example, Ruby is somber and introspective when she first arrived in Beacon Academy, Weiss is less selfish and slightly nicer to her friends, but she is still distrustful of Faunus and Penny becomes desperate to find new friends.


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